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 Hondurasis a country of America, located in the center-north of Central America. Itsofficial name is the Republic of Honduras and its capital is the CentralDistrict, formed by the cities of Tegucigalpa and Comayagüela.Some ofthe major landmarks of  Honduras areMosquito Coast, Pico Bonito, and Logo de Yoga, Bay Island, and Copan ruins.

Theethnic majority of Honduras are mestizo, which a person of mixed European andAmerindian ancestry. The concept for one of being part meridian is veryimportant to the people of Honduras even if very few meridian traditions aremaintained. Mestizo Honduras speak Spanish , practice roman Catholicism andlive according  European standards butthat idea Amerindian ancestor is still there,One ofthe tradition of Honduras are San Juan El Bautista and La Virgen de Suyapa.They saythat if “San Juan has it, he gives it to me”.

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Every June 24, morethan ten thousand peoplecelebrate San Juan Every June 24, more than ten thousand people celebrate SanJuan de Bautista. That day is considered one of the longest days of the yearsince the summer solstice a lot of people come out in the streets to celebratein his honor. On this date it is customary to perform rituals that areperformed with love,so that san juan will reward you health and prosperity. Inmany towns and cities they celebrate with parades burn wood and  vigils and solemn celebrations. On this daySan Juan the Baptist is surrounded by legends and traditions. Every June 23 aday before the celebration at twelve o’clock at night hundreds of people gatheraround the bonfires and the sea to celebrate the most diverse rituals and tobring to goddess fortune.The origin of this celebration goes back to timesbefore Christianity at that time the fire was lit with the slot of summer withthe thought of purifying and giving strength to the sun. According to the bibleof St.

John the Baptist was born on June 24, a date very close to summer. LaVirgen de Suyapa (The Virgin of Suyapa) is another culture/tradition thatpeople celebrate is the the Virgin of Suyapa. Currently the statue of theVirgin spends most of the time in the chapel but every year she is  moves to the basilica of Suyapa. On the dayof its celebration a accommodate crowd of people from all over Central Americaof Honduras como to see the virgin. Devotion, fervor and tradition cometogether in the great celebration to honor this day to the patron saint ofHonduras the virgen de suyapa. With the mananitas traditions that the mariachisang to her and the music that in his honor dedicated national artist’s honorsto the virgin were honored.

But thetribute and the signs of the fiery faith and gratitude will be offered to herthis day by her faithful and beloved children who have come to her sanctuary inher village or from the capital city to the inside and from abroad to celebratewith her. Pope Pius Xi declared her patron saint of Honduras in 1925. Sincethen, the wedding has become a national holiday of spiritual character markedby division. We must have the heart as Mary full of grace.

She is filled withthe grace of the Holy Spirit and we must learn to tell him if the Lord Mariaand celebrate with joy this day in honor of the virgin of suyapa I declarecarol magno NunezAs partof this party that seizes the parishioners from various corners of the country,hundreds of devotees arrived. Since the ninth began in honor of the patron deHonduras. On January 24 to date it is estimated that 2.

5 million pilgrims toparticipate in the festivities will arrive at this celebration. People who telltheir stories of miracles of the virgin of suyapa the show of faith anddevotion to the mother of god that was made under the devotion of suyapa is asample of the evangelizing mission exercised by Maria at all times.(Person1) Thanks to her god to mercifully spread my supplication to have a daughtershe interceded for me to find healing and I could have my baby in my arms(person2)When I pray the holy rosary at the feet of yours, my heart renews new forces tocontinue and I am filled with love to God.

People Bring  bouquet of flowers, pictures of familiarcandles and even food under the feet of the virgin suyapa in the pact ofgratitude that they fulfill with love. In combination of their offerings they receivethe hope of obtaining their longings in the time of God that the mother willshelter them with her mantle throughout the year the healing of her sick thegift of life and the family unit.HondurasPolicyHondurasis a republic governed by a constitution for the first time on December 11,1825 this establishes the three powers of the state without any relation oftheir subordination among them the legislative power is exercised by thenational congress through 128 deputies who are elected by the suffrage to meetin ordinary session in the capital of the republic from January 25 within theirattributions are create decree interpret and reform and repeal existing laws.The judiciary has the protests to impart justice to the people in a free manneron behalf of the state by magistrate by the Supreme Court of justice, thecourts of appellations and the courts by law. The executive power is exercisedby the president of the republic in representation for the benefit of thepopulation the president of the republic and three presidential appointees willbe elected in an organized and direct way by the people. On September 15, 1821,the act of independence of Central America with respect to Mexico wasproclaimed. It was proclaimed in 1823. In 1838, Honduras became independentfrom Central America and the process of definitive integration began, leavingHonduras with content.

Typicalcostumes of HondurasThetypical costumes of Honduras are characterized by being very Caribbean rememberthat Honduras in a country located in Central America and is stronglyinfluenced by everything that has to do with the culture island. However, thetypical Honduran costume does not differ precisely because it has specificcolors. It is the design that is capable of colors that make it unique anddifferent from any other.

The colors of the woman’s suit are totally different.You can choose from strong tones to clear combine with decoration that ispresent in both. The dress is characterized by having many ruffles. The womanusually puts on a flat hat and the exact size of the head. The man uses acompletely white suit that is characterized by being somewhat broad. The shirtcan be decorated with some color embroidery. The man wears elegant black shoesthat make all his clothes stand out.

The traditional dress of Honduras achievesthat a culture is different and can be taken into account simply by wearing acomplex dress that is loaded with culture.Traditionalgames of HondurasEl Trompo(The spin) The spinning top is a wooden toy with a metal spike and a linen orrope is rolled from this point. After having wound all the thread, the spin isthrown with force and technique to make it spin and spin. While touring thecompetitors can do a series of tricksLasCanicas (The marbles)The objectof this game is to seize the marbles of other players, is what is achieved byshooting on them without failing. You only have the right to throw against themarble of another player after having managed to introduce your own marble intothe hole “gua” (which was done before starting on the ground). Traditionalfood of Honduras.Catrachitas (Tortillasfritas con frijoles refritos y queso rallado),Enchiladas, Pastelitos? Tajadasde plátano con pollo, chuleta o carne asada, tamales, and enchiladas.

 I choose to do prepared two traditional dishesfrom honduras since my step mother i from Honduras she taught me how tocook  traditional food from Honduras.Howdo you prepared the enchiladas. first you’ll need all the ingredients that are:flour, goya seasoning, tomato, chilli pepper, and eggs. I took a container and put the flour, the water, the goyaand the mix. After mixing the flour, mash until the dough is smooth. I stirredthe tortillas and put the oil to heat until it was very hot. then throw thetortillas to fry. After fried the tortillas, add the other ingredients, theground meat, the tomato, the chili and the egg, then to eat.

Another dish i choose to do it was Las Chuletas De Puerco.The ingredients you need to do the chuletas are: marinate, goya sauce, chops,oil, and salt.First I grab a bowl and add the pork chops also add Goyaseasoning, marinade, oil, and salt. I took a pan and put oil in it and let itheat up for two minutes. After two minutes add the chops to the pan and putthem to fry until the chops were well cooked and let them cool and eat themthey are very deliciously. 

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