Honorable weak regulations and they have been less

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Last updated: February 18, 2019

Honorable chairs, fellow delegates and members of the United Nations, the delegate of US stronglyargues that the world is in need of renewable energy sources and that all countries around the globeshould become energy independent. The non renewable energy around the world, like fossil fuels, arecausing various major issues such as climate change, air pollution, and more. If this issue is not resolvedquickly, the damage to the environment will affect all nations and therefore all nations should participateto prevent this catastrophe. The US should continue pursuing their private efforts to develop of renewableenergy and secure energy independence instead of joining the international agreements because theseaccords have weak regulations and they have been less effective than those conducted in the USindependently.

The international agreements that tackle the energy crisis have weak regulations and goals that are eithertoo weak to have a big impact on the environment or too difficult for the nations to comply. The Kyotoprotocol is an international treaty that was created in 1992 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Thisprotocol was ratified by 192 countries; however, the US was one of the few countries that did not ratify it.As the target of reducing the emissions by 4.7% was easy to achieve, it was actually reduced by 12.5%.

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The Paris accord is another international effort with the purpose of reducing the temperature of the earthby 2 degrees celsius. This accord tries to tackle too many issue all at once, with little detail about thenecessary steps to take in order to accomplish the targets. Because these goals are not legally enforced,the rules and targets of the accord become optional instead of mandatory. This could be one of the reasonswhy the Paris accord was unsuccessful.

Therefore, to ensure that the agreements are strictly followed bythe participating nations, legal enforcement may be required.Although the US does not directly participate in the international agreements, it has successfullyaccomplished their own targets of developing renewable energy and helping other third world countries insecuring their energy independence. The US has contributed more through private collaborations withorganisations like Energy.gov, USAID, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE), InternationalEnergy Agency (IEA), and others. The US has also collaborated with major countries like Canada andChina to improve and create new renewable energy sources. The US also helps developing nations haveaccess to clean energy sources. For instance, the project on Sustainable Energy for Remote IndonesianGrids (SERIG) helped Indonesia have access to the clean energy technology while also allowing remoteareas to have access to electricity.

The US has contributed much more than the kyoto protocol did becausethey have reduced carbon emissions more than the countries participating in the protocol. This delegatebelieves that because of the success that the US had, they should continue doing voluntary actions withthe kyoto and the paris accord and not ratify it. The US has also contributed to the development severalsolutions for fossil fuel such as, solar panels, wind generators, biomass, and others.In conclusion, the US should continue in their private efforts with other nations to develop renewableenergy and secure energy independence for developing nations. Through their collaboration with otherprivate organizations and other nations, the US was successfully able to reach their targets.

As theinternational protocols have weak goals and punishments with low success rates, the US should remain intheir current position.

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