Honoring American Veterans

Conflicts, debates, war-it’s all Just politics. But is it really Just politics? In the world and society that we live in today, there is not a such thing as Just politics. Within politics, there are moral issues involved, and there are differentiations in opinions and views on countless topics between politicians and American citizens themselves. Each individual is titled to their own beliefs, but when everyone must come to an agreement, it may escalate to the infringement of many freedoms that many may value.

But the one thing that keeps our American country stable in the sense of our freedoms and international politics is our honorable American soldiers. Not many understand the importance of the roles that these American soldiers take responsibility of. It’s truly saddening to see the uneducated not appreciate, honor, and thank our soldiers. An abundance of American citizens aren’t educated or knowledged in American and International governmental and/or political affairs. With the lack of knowledge in this controversial topic, how are they to understand the mportant roles of our soldiers?

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We, as a nation, must help each other in understanding our country and the role of our soldiers. In returned favor for them, we must make it our duty, as they make it their duty to serve for us, to serve for these men and women by honoring and celebrating them. Our great American country is famously known as the “land of the free, home of the brave. ” The great states, the great regions, and the great nation that make up our great country wouldn’t be so great if it wasn’t for the brave men of our country.

The Great America is great due to the positive affects brought by the courageous men who live and breathe to fght for our freedom. Not only are there brave men who fight for our country, but there is an increasing percentage of women who fght as well. Thanks to these men and women do we have the rights and privileges that we have today. These men and women leave their family, friends, Jobs, homes and lives behind to battle our country’s battles for us. Standing in the line of duty, they risk their lives.

Not knowing what day could be their last day or if they would one day make it home in the shape and form that they came in, they still serve for America. The craziest and most honorable fact is that they’re not only fghting for America and the American citizens’ freedoms, but they’re also keeping peace around the globe for those who arent able to fight for themselves-the less fortunate, the undeveloped part of the world-the part of the world that most of us never think about. American soldiers believe in their country;

American soldiers bleed for our freedoms; American soldiers are devoted and devout; and American soldiers are selfless; so our duty as American citizens is heavily weighed. These men and women live and bleed to fght for us and fght for peace around the world. Their courageousness and heroism must be recognized, celebrated and honored not only on memorial day, but every day, because we get to live freely every day due to them. “Soldiers, Past and Present…. America, Honor Your Veterans. ” Honoring American Veterans By michellle_le


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