Honors Amerian Histroy Chapter 20 section2

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Last updated: April 27, 2019
Edward Hopper
He revived the visual accuracy of realism in his hunting paintings

Carl Sandburg
Use common speech to glorify the Midwest in expensive nature of American life

Eugene O’Neill
His plays were filled with bold artistry and modern themes portrayed realistic characters offered a vision of life that test on tragic

Ernest Hemingway
Serve as an ambulance driver in Italy during World War I became a fiction writer. Presented a new literary style characterized by direct, simple, Concise pros

Artistic and unconventional

Why did many artists Greenwich Village and Chicago Southside during the 1920s
These communities offered freedom from conformity to old ideas

F Scott Fitzgerald
The most famous writer of the era create colorful, glamorous characters who chased feudal dreams

Babe Ruth
Became a national hero famous for hitting hundreds of homeruns

Jack Dempsey
boxer who held the title of world heavyweight champion 1919 until 1926

How did the American economy of the 1920s effect popular culture
Economic prosperity a lot Americans more leisure time and more spending money to pursue different kinds of popular culture

Describe the main themes of artists and riders in the 1920s
Disenchantment, isolation, disillusionment, and emptiness

How did writers, artists, and popular culture of the 20s of that traditional ideas in the United States
They breakdown patterns of Nero focus on local interest

How did World War I influence the literature written during the 1920s
Inland many writers for tray disillusionment and to reevaluate the myth of American heroes

List of the effects of mass media on American culture
Brokedown patterns of provincialism, unified Americans through share national experience, spreading new ideas and attitudes

Talking about hoppers painting nighthawks- How did this piece work to convey a sense of isolation
One man eat by himself, only three customers in the diner, one person working at the diner, no people on the street or sidewalk

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