Honors World Civilizations Ii (1500 to the Present)

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EXAM #2 Study Guide HIST 1123H, Spring 2011 Image ID (10 pts): I will share one digital image from the second section of the course and ask you to identify this image and its importance for course themes. Review the PPTs on Blackboard. Key Terms (50 pts): You will be asked to identify 5 of 8 terms which will be chosen from among the following, providing appropriate historical context and explaining why each is important to the broader themes of our course.

Orientalism “Scramble for Africa” Opium War Usman dan Fodio MfecaneWahhabism Simon Bolivar Sino-Japanese War Muhammad Ali Toussaint L’Ouverture Social Darwinism “The Wealth of Nations” Tabula Rasa Karl Marx Taiping Rebellion Miguel Hidalgo Essays (40 pts): I will ask you to respond to 2 of 3 essay questions which will be chosen from among the following. You are expected to address the overarching themes while grounding your argument in specific historical examples. Strong responses will draw on primary sources, your textbook, and lecture material. Be sure to address each sub-question. . The second section of this course focused on the birth of the modern world.

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Describe in detail 3 key cultural, scientific, philosophical or political dimensions of the Enlightenment and 3 key aspects of the later Modernist movement. In your conclusion, compare the Enlightenment with Modernism. How were these movements similar and different? How did they shape modern Western culture? 2. The French Revolution was perhaps the single most important geopolitical event of the 18th and 19th centuries.Drawing on your secondary and primary readings, trace the course of the French Revolution and its immediate aftermath.

What long-term impacts did the Revolution have in Europe, especially in terms of ideological development in the early 19th century? What revolutions were inspired in other parts of the world? Describe at least two ideological developments and two global revolutions. 3. How did colonial imperialism work in 19th century Africa?To what extent did colonialism develop from strictly economic factors, and to what extent did other political, religious, and cultural forces exercise more influence? How did local African peoples respond to European imperialism? Draw on secondary and primary sources in your response.

4. A major theme in modern history is the development of the concept of the “nation-state. ” Define the nation-state and then discuss the contrasting visions of the nation that emerged in 3 of the following 4 nations: revolutionary France, colonial India, Mexico, and Germany. . Religious revival and millenarianism helped spark some of the largest political changes and anti-colonial resistance movements of the 19th century.

What is millenarianism? Drawing on primary and secondary texts, discuss how millenarian and/or religious elements shaped 3 of the following 4 19th century movements: the Taiping Rebellion, the Boxer Rebellion, the 1857 Indian Mutiny, and Muslim revival in Saudi Arabia and Nigeria. Why do you think these movements adopted such overtly religious overtones?

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