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Last updated: August 2, 2019

Chris Gonzalez English 251 Professor Slack 9/12/13 House on Mango Street Written Analysis At first when I picked this book up at the COS bookstore I didn’t think much of it. I thought it would be a boring book that we would have to sit through class reading while I wandered off in my head. The House on Mango Street was actually really interesting to me. Right off the back the way the chapters were set up was unique like one page after another, short descriptions of people, places and events that happened throughout the story.One thing that sticks out to me is the way Mexican omen we’re treated or Just women in general in this story. It’s like some of the wife’s were forced into marriage, raped, and robbed of their freedom. It gives you a perspective on life through the eyes of the girl during that time. There was a lot of prostitution and a lot of instances of women being demeaned.

The way everything was described in the story you can tell Esparanza and her family lived in poverty, they also had to always move from one place to another.Innocence is also robbed from this story a lot too, a couple examples are when Sallys dad abuses Sally and hinks “between the buckle and belt” meaning he had to fght his urge of sexual attraction towards his own daughter, or when Esparanza and her friends are walking down the street with her high heels on and were getting looks from older men, and lastly when Sally leaves Esparnza to be raped.There is more to this story that I wish I could hear, I was left wondering what exactly happened to everyone after the story was done. I’m assuming that Esparanza left Mango St and came back a successful woman, but what about everyone else? She said she would come back to free veryone from that place, I’m Just really curious to if she came back. Espranza seems like the kind of a girl that sees the good in everything which could get her into bad situations.

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She looked past all of Sallys rumors and stood by her, she also always looked after her little sister Nenny by making her avoid bad influences. After meeting all these people around Mango Street, she sees it as her responsibility to save them from this life; well that’s what it seems like. She doesn’t want to leave for her own benefit but hopes that she can leave in order to help these people. House On Mango St Analysis By Cgonzalez_16

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