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Last updated: December 26, 2019

HOW TO CLEAN CAR INTERIORFirst of all i am going to tell you about how to clean car interior there are some steps which i will describe further i will talk about how you can  clean your car interior properly.

i will describe some better tips for car interior cleaning the first thing is that when we go in office or go any where by using car we face a lot of problem some time we do have snacks in the car and we do have drink along with this or some time in rainy days alot of mud which comes from our shoes. which may cause destroy the beauty of our car.but do not worry now i am going to describe with you seven steps that how to clean car interior with better ways .For cleaning the car you need some little car cleaning tools like tooth brush ears cleaner little paint brush etc.because alot of dust enter in deep places of car like music player button, horn button and in ac fan.

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With towel or little piece of cloth we can not clean these kinds of interior properly that why we need some these kinds of little tools which can help to get rid of deep dust or dirt .So now i am going to tell you about six steps of how to clean car interior.1=windhsield wipers.      Let me tell this when ever you been driving you notice that when you turn on the windhsield wipers you get some spot on the glass because some dirt fix on the windhsield blades thats why you will have to clean the blades .For do that take a paper towel and put some saturated alcoholand then hold the blade clean them very carefully you will see that all the dirt will come up on the towel thats it.2=lint roller      Our second step  to clean car interior is lint roller beacause if you have kids they make crumbs with eating snacks, so lint roller is very handy thing because it remove all the spills crumbs patches etc,so you should keep this in your car. 3=Dashboard & console cleaner.       I just want to tell you about console cleaner, suddenly sometime you purchase some expensive spray, wipes etc but console cleaner is a great solution for your car dashboard cleaning.

Two cups of water one tea spoon of dish soap and table spoon of white vinegar put that in spray bottle then some spray put on a little towel and now you can easily wipe or clean your car dashboard.4=Tire scrub      Car rims like a kitchen sink if sink looks clean entire kitchen looks perfect that is why if car rims looks perfect everything look better.For cleaning of car rims we need quarter or one litter water in the jug half cup of baking soda and quarter cup of dish wash mix them in the water and then scrub the rims with  soft brush and then wash with clean water as well.5=Clean on the regular     To make your car look better you will have to clean your car on regular basis, for do that you need micro fiber cloth which must keep in your car glove box because supose if you reach any place before the time and stay in your car so that particular time you can clean your car interior like dashboard, screen,button, ac ,car door etc.6=window down or ac turn on    In summer mostly people switch on the ac but other side a lot of people open the car window for taking some fresh air but if you want to keep your car clean you must  have to keep car  window down because if you open the window,alot of dust and dirt comes in car which make your car dirty.

    So above mentioned steps would be very fruitful for how to clean car interior  if you want to keep your car clean these steps will play a vital role to keep your car interior clean.For  further information you can contact with us on facebook, twitter,google, and give some suggestion to improve quality of content.

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