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How to lose weight fast  ? When you have grown fat sometimes natural remedies can help you lose belly, thighs or hips, and eliminate the fat stored in his body .

 Check out our modern advice and grandmother tips and tricks to lose weight fastTips and tricks of grandmother or natural to lose weight30 tips and remedies for losing weightTwo kinds of remedies exist: those that cut hunger and those that help fight against the retention of e and help our body “burn” fats and toxins, by promoting the transformation of stored fat into energy.Obviously the consumption of these fruits, algae or herbal teas is accompanied by a diet. Tips and tricks fat burning1 – Hot waterHot or warm water is an inexpensive remedy that is simple, effective and without any side effects.Drinking hot water does not lose weight ,  but can help you lose weight.By drinking 1 liter of water every day, during a light diet, your weight loss will be accentuated.Bring water to a boil for 3 minutes.Drink hot water, but not boilingWhat water to drink  ?Drink spring water, tap water or mineral water.

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All waters are good when you make a diet, except sparkling water , which, in addition to its high salt content, promote the dilation of the stomach.When to drink hot waterDrink hot water in the morning on an empty stomachDrinking hot water regularly, before breakfast, helps the body to release toxins, has a depurative effect and facilitates the “washing” gastrointestinal.Drink warm water all day.2 – Lemon hot waterThe virtues of hot water can be multiplied thanks to lemon.Refreshing and stimulating, rich in vitamins C, copper and iron, the juice of lime or yellow,  helps to lose weight thanks to its appetite suppressant, fat-burning and detox.But beware do not overdo it if you suffer from an upset stomach or kidney problems.In the morning, drink a bowl of hot water in which you pour the juice of half a lemon. Drink warm lemon water throughout the day.

3 – Ginger herbal teaDrinking a ginger infusion to lose weight is an ancient tradition of the East. This tea, to drink hot or cold, calms the appetite while giving you energy.  RecipeCut a piece of ginger previously peeled with a knife (about 3 cm) then cut it into thin slices. Arrange slices in a teapot or tea pot, pour simmering water over them.Let infuse for ten minutes.

The longer you let infuse, the more “spicy” side of ginger will come out.Filter (otherwise the herbal tea will taste too strong).Drink the infusion of ginger all day.4 – Ginger / lemonAdded with lemon juice, the properties of the ginger tea , ideal for cutting the appetite, improves transit, helps digest and lose weight will be increased tenfold.

5 – Hot drinkIt’s the chili drink that made Beyoncé lose weight  ! RecipeIn a bottle for:- 1/4 liter of mineral water (or filtered) lukewarm- 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice – 2 tablespoons maple syrup or honey- 1 pinch of cayenne pepper.Shake well.Drink this drink 8 to 10 times a day but no more!WARNINGIf the chili drink is effective for quick weight loss, since you do not eat anything else, it is not safe.It can also cause dizziness, upset stomach and cravings.So it is better to consult a doctor before starting this treatment with pepper, and especially do not drink the chilli drink for more than 2 weeks.

So do not drink this drink unless you are in perfect health!6 – Apple cider vinegarOn the condition of not drinking industrial apple cider vinegar produced too quickly but a traditional cider vinegar made by vinegar makers, cider vinegar, in addition to contributing to our well-being, eliminating intestinal problems (constipation, spasms , gas) destroys fat and promotes weight loss.Diluted or not, the cider vinaire gives a feeling of satiety.Drink a tablespoon  of  apple cider vinegar before  meals.

Drink 2 teaspoons of cider vinegar, 2 to 3 times a dayOr in cureBy following the advice of Toutpratique’s article:VINEGAR OF CIDER7 – Orthosiphon infusionOrthosiphon, also known as “Java tea” is a natural drainer, which facilitates the body’s elimination and weight loss functions.The orthosiphon tea has a perfect place in slimming diets.RecipeIn a cup, pour boiling water over 1 teaspoonful filled with finely chopped dried leaves. Cover, let infuse for about 15 minutes, then filter.Drink one cup of this infusion 3 times a day8 – Cinnamon teaThe benefits of cinnamon on diabetes are no longer to demonstrate, however, we know less about the virtues of cinnamon on those who want to lose weight through its effect “fat burner” and its appetite suppressant, especially when the desire for sweetness is felt.

RecipeIn a cup, pour boiling water over a tablespoon of cinnamon sticks and let infuse at least 10 minutes before drinking the brew. Drink 1 cup of cinnamon tea on awakening, then  between meals at 10am and 4pm and 6pm.9 – Herbal tea with carawayThanks to the caraway tea, which relieves difficult digestion, your swollen belly will become flatter.Why ? Simply because cumin has the power to reduce bloating and flatulence.RecipeIn a cup, pour boiling water over a tablespoon of 1 tablespoonful of cumin.Let infuse covered for 10 minutes.

Drink a cup of cumin infusion after each meal.10 – Herbal tea with fennelIf you suffer from water retention and poor digestion, the infusion of fennel will be a great help to lose weight  Recipe In a cup or bowl, pour boiling water over 1 tablespoon of seeds, previously crushed. Let infuse covered for 10 minutes.Drink a cup of infusion in the morning on an empty stomach and a cup of decoction after lunch and dinner.

11 – Yerba MatéThe Yerba Mate, a native of Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay is a plant reference caffeine.Maté called “yerba maté” stimulates the body and the burning of fat, without having the unpleasant effects of coffee (nervousness and sleep disorders)The maté slows the progress of the bolus, which increases the duration of the feeling of satiety.  RecipeIn a cup, pour boiling water over 1.5 g to 2 g of dried leaves, let infuse for ten minutes.

 Filter.Drink three cups a day from Yerba Maté 

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