how can music possibly be fun if i am required to study it

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SOURCES: please remove the footnote the one beneath the sources and the number reefer to it Name: Course: Lecturer: Date: How Can Music Possibly Be Fun If I Am Required to Study It? Music concerns the arrangement of words in tones that are used to create a continuous harmonious rhythmic composition. Music is a wide diversified field to study that involves not only singing, but also activities such as learning to play various instruments, cultures, dances and production of music. In fact, music is considered a language that everybody can communicate in, and by studying it, one learns a new language that is able to communicate to all people as it arouses various interests and pleasures. Everybody listens to some kind of music at times, for entertainment.

Hence, it is in the nature of music to entertain, a factor that also makes it fun in studying the same. People think that music is only supposed to be enjoyed and not learnt in school. However, learning music in school makes it more fun when one acquires a better understanding of the same while at the same time creating other benefits in learning other subjects (Hill 101). While studying music it is important to look at its history to acquire a broad knowledge of how it has evolved over the years since the early eras such as the classical, romantic and renaissance stages when arts noted tremendous turns and developments (Sherrane, 2008). In the history of music, six periods namely medieval, renaissance, baroque, classic, romantic and contemporary periods as noted by styles create various interesting element in learning.

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Each of the given eras represents a period when some significant music development took place such as the noting of music in the medieval period. In the renaissance period, refinements were evidenced in the use of instruments. It is interesting to learn that music was only fashioned with monophonic tunes in the medieval era and this improved to polyphonic in the renaissance period. In the baroque period, opera music was introduced while improvements were noted in each period in terms of musical sophistication.

In the current era, contemporary, technology has supported electronically generated music (Sherrane, 2008). By studying music history, one achieves a better understanding of what music encompasses and refinements that can be used for superior compositions.

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