How do the poems in the anthology reflect the different forms of loves

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The two poems I have chosen are “The Sick Rose” by William Blake, The Sun Rising by John Donne The Sick Rose is largely about loss of innocence and The Sun Rising is an ecstatic celebration of love. All of these poems show how powerful and important love has been across timeThe first poem “The Sick Rose” it reflects to the anthology in different forms of love by writing pacifically about the main character the women. In The Sick Rose the poet explains about how and why the woman had caught a sexual disease, “Has found out thy bed of Crimson joy” this means that she probably loves the man, and also enjoyed the sexual intercourse with the man she had sex with.

The Invisible worm is symbolised as a disease that has taken away the girls virginity.More information about love in this poem would have to be the next verse where it says “And his dark secret love” this means they probably love each other they can not express it, so it would have to be a secret, because if anyone knows about them and their relationship their life’s would be ruined, because it was adultery they will be unwelcome to be known by friends or family. The sickness, however, may well be an internal psychological sickness that comes from unacted desires within the Rose.It could be argued that this poem does not represent the strongest sense of love, because it is not really, a real strong love for each other because things went wrong for example, the woman got a sexual disease from the man, their love would have to be a secret and they had sexual intercourse before marriage, alternatively things would go wrong for them if they carried on their relationship.The next poem The Sun Rising shows a strong bond of love between himself and his girlfriend. Firstly the man is annoyed with the sun because he does not want to take his eyes of her, and also the sun means he will have to go to work and leave his girlfriend which he does not want to do because he loves her.

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The man is saying inspirational sentences which he is expressing his feelings for his girlfriend like “Ask for those kings whom thou saw’st yesterday” basically he is comparing his girlfriend to royalty and himself as royalty because kings would choose the girl who they wanted and is prettiest and he got her that shows that he loves her truly.This poem explains a strong love for his girlfriend not wanting to leave her sight and comparing her to royalty and having lots of power over things such as the sun, I think this is the best poem because of all the inspirational love poems being said is just nice and has detail in it. I also think that it is quite interesting specially when he compares himself or his girlfriend to nature and royalty.Out of both of these poems the most romantic and loving has got to be The Sun Rising because it expresses his feelings for his girlfriend and nothing can really go wrong with their relationship.

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