How Gender Plays a Role in Society

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Last updated: February 6, 2019

To test the girls’ capabilities, he brought along two pounds of untarnished rice. In his eyes, the perfect wife would be able to make a complete meal tit only these two pounds of rice.

After some time, he found a girl who Indeed, made a complete meal for him. He took her with him and made her his wife. To Stalkers, he was not complete without this woman. Although she was treated badly by him, she never complained. She worked tirelessly to keep him happy. This was the way things were in their culture.It was customary for the woman to wait on her husband, and do everything for him to keep him happy. They needed to be together for one another to carry on in life.

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A woman was nothing without a man to serve, as a man was nothing without a wife to serve him. This was Just the way they were brought up, and the way they would teach their young to do. This is how their cultures were for many years, and the way they would be for many years to come. In the Chinese culture, marriage was also a big priority.

Footslogging, written by John King Fairbanks, Illustrates how symbolic a physical feature, the feet, were to marriage. It was essential for a young girl to have here feet bound. This Is the process by which the foot Is formed to be much smaller than In Its natural state. To the Chinese, this foot would be three inches long and more slender than normal as well. He time a girl turned three years old, all her toes but the first were broken, and her feet were bound tightly with cloth strips to keep her feet from growing larger than 10 CM. About 3.

9 inches.This practice would cause the soles of feet to bend in extreme concavity?C,-1?0 (Xx and Stone). It was said that a woman could not have a good marriage without these bound feet. As a basic element of the culture, women were inferior, and her feet were one of the things that showed this.

Bound feet would ensure that the woman could not travel far, unlike the men. This is a sign of mans dominance over woman. It set the women apart. It was also a sexual fetish to the men. Although the bounding of the feet was painful to the woman, it gave pleasure to the man.

It was considered to be sexier for a feet to be Like this. Also, a woman who did not have her feet bound was ridiculed, and looked down upon. She was not wanted by any of the men like this. In China in that era would not marry a woman won 010 not nave Donna Tee.

I en man’s mother was always responsible for making sure the woman he was to marry had bound feet? C,-1?0 (Hutchins). In contrast, men had to do nothing to impress the women. They did not have to endure this pain Just to be better looking, or to please the opposite sex.This is another point that shows the males dominance over women. Everybody in our society should recognize the troubles women have endured to be considered a woman, and to fit in to their cultures. In the future, people need to look at the sacrifices that have been made, and respect all of the women who put up with these terrible things.

Over the past century, women have been given many more rights than they have ever had in the past, and this should be carried on for centuries to come. One day, male dominance will be a thing of the past, as it should be.

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