How Jews were discriminated against Germany from 1933 to 1939

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In my answer I am going to tell you how Germany and Hitler discriminated Jews from the dates of 1933 to 1939. 1933 was the start of the discrimination the Jews. All of this started when a man named Adolf Hitler became Chancellor in Germany. Hitler became the leader of the German government and stomped his authorities by making his own rules.

Hitler had something against Jewish people, maybe he held a grudge from something that might have happened to him in his earlier life. Hitler’s plan was so get rid of inferior races, disabled, gypsies and Jews.The first thing Hitler did was he forced Jews out of jobs such as law, civil service, journalism, dentistry, teaching and farming. This was just the start of how Germany treated Jewish unfairly.

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Also the next thing to come was the April boycott, this was a day where Germans all over the country were not aloud to buy from shops and businesses owned by Jewish people. SA men would stand on the doors of these shops and not let anyone inside. This was treated the Jews completely unfairly and was a bad day for all the Jewish business men because they were not able to make any money to bring back for their family’s.Rich Jews were going to turn into poor Jews because their business was being spoilt by Hitler. This also must have been a bad day for the German public because goods they would usually buy from Jewish shops were not able to get hold of and if German public were employed by the Jewish owners then they would be out of work too. The next thing was the Jewish traditional lifestyle and fun sport and activities were being ruined.

The production of kosher meat was banned in Germany. Kosher meat is a traditional Jewish meat in which Jewish people obviously eat on a regular basis during their life.Now they were not able to get hold of this meat it was like an insult to their religion. Next Hitler banned all Jewish people from athletic and sports clubs. Sports could be a way Jews get out and socialise and to have fun. This is taking something out of their lives. Hitler obviously didn’t think Jewish people were worthy enough to socialise and to do things with the rest of the German public. All of this must have been getting Jews depressed.

In 1935 Jewish people were stopped preaching or speaking publicly, also Jewish newspapers and magazines were suspended and Jewish writers and editors were arrested.This is completely discriminating the Jewish religion and could be labelled as ‘racist’. Jewish people must have of been disheartened by this because they felt no longer able to be proud of their religion. They must have been ashamed and embarrassed to call them selves Jewish in the German public. During the five years between 1933 -1939 the Kristallnacht was one of the biggest things that happened against the Jews favour.

It was one awful night where a random act of violence struck all over Germany and Austria.In this act 91 Jewish people were murdered, synagogue were burned down, sacred objects desecrated, shop windows were smashed and 20 000 Jewish men were rounded up and sent to concentration camps. This was simply awful behaviour towards the Jews, it must of made Jewish very scared of even leaving their houses and made them not feel apart of their own country, Germany. This act effected the population of Germany and Austria because so many people were killed and taken away to be killed. Germany was not a safe country especially for Jews whilst these riots and murders were taking place.

Five years of anti-Jewish laws came into effect over one night with Austria. 185 000 Austrian Jews came under Nazi rule. All the laws that applied to German Jews also applied for Austrian Jews now. This meant an extra load of Jews were going to be tortured by the Nazi laws. There were many other anti-Jewish laws like making Jews where the star of David but from what I have said you can see that in the five years from 1933 to 1939 Jewish were completely discriminated by Nazi’s and treated unfairly.

All of this was bad for Germany.This treatment to the Jews was bad for the future. There were problems with education for Jewish. The world needs there to be good education for people to be clever and get good jobs and invent knew things.

With the problems the future didn’t look bright in Germany. With the German business owners not employing Jews and Jews not being aloud to work, this started bringing down the economy. For example there could be a Jewish person that could do a job better than the non Jew that gets the job. Also Jewish had good businesses in Germany for the public.

With these businesses not being aloud to run there was fewer things to buy. Jewish stores and synagogues were smashed and burnt down as there were boycotts and seizers. Jewish people needed work to provide money.

After time most Jews if not all were too poor to live properly. This was a big problem for Jews and Germany. There wasn’t a nice atmosphere in the country because Jews felt unwanted and discriminated by the Nazis and it reflected that way to everyone from Germany. If Germans followed the Nazi rule then Jews felt like they were not equal with Germans.

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