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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: How Much Sugar Is Hiding In Our Body? One average, a person takes about 25 teaspoons of added sugar in beverages and food, which is 4 times the recommended amount. Some people tend to take a lot more when they are undergoing stress or tension. However, a sweet tooth, in the end, is fatal. Sugar is a powdered or crystal-like substance that is sweet. It is mainly extracted from plants like a sugar cane or sugar beet.

This substance is then used to sweeten medicine, food and beverages. It has sucrose. Although it does give flavor, a lot of it is harmful to the body There are different forms of sugar. Table sugar is extracted from sugar canes and beets. Table sugar is a natural form and it is used to make icing sugar, molasses and even brown sugar.

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The sugar found in most beverages is called corn syrup. This type of sugar is sweeter than table sugar and a lot of intake could have health implications such as heart attacks. Milk and fruits contain fructose, galactose and glucose. They also contain a natural form of sugar. Honey consists of glucose and fructose. Bees, using the nectar found in plants, make honey (Asadi 4). Too much sugar and caffeine have been known to cause diabetes. When diabetes sets in, the symptoms are mental confusion and sometimes comas (Rector 97).

Taking too much refined sweets causes hypoglycemia. This condition is often followed by diabetes. A person suffering from hypoglycemia is anxious most of the time, becomes easily fatigued, and may experience depression and loss of consciousness and shortness of breath.

Some other disorders are cancer, damage to the nerves, other opportunistic diseases and kidney failure (Bennett 7). Work Cited Asadi, Mosen. Beet-sugar Handbook.

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