How new ideas- 1- expect ideas First of all,

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Last updated: December 7, 2019

How geniuses come up with creative ideasWe all have dreamed of creating lots of ideas in all spheresof our life- relationship, business, creating a newthing or writing book. Each one of us has a creativebrain, we can also come with the great ideas, and the only thing is we don’t analyzeit or we don’t see. What creative geniuses think differently than us? How theycome with the great ideas but not us? How Einstein and Thomas Edison inventedso many things? There are certain things that geniuses do that help them tothink in right direction to come with thenew ideas-1-    expect ideasFirst of all, one must get ridof limiting beliefs that he is not a creative person, and prejudices about thefact that creating ideas are theprivilege of the elite. Ideas will begin to emerge by themselves.

2-    welcome stupid and generally any ideasYou cannot always focus oncreating great ideas. Try to come up with and put forth a lot of ideas,not being afraid that they can be called “stupid” or”stupid”. After all, they can become a revolutionary idea of??tomorrow. Many ideas are rejected before the great idea.3-   beopen to new experiencesA man with the help of his sensesabsorbs many information.

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 This information is used by his mind to createall possible associations. You need to diversify your life as much aspossible, do not be afraid to do ordinary things in a completely different way,thereby getting fuel for your mind. Talk to different people, visit new places,and notice the surroundings.

4-   grabideas immediatelyIf you have any ideas, then youshould fix immediately. For this, it is always necessary to have a toolfor writing. This can be a regular notepad, a tape recorder or anything on your smartphones. Whatmethod you use is not important, you noting it down is important. Develop a habit, it would be a reward for you. 5-    grateful for the ideasIf an idea is born in your head,be always grateful for it.

 By this you stimulate your mind, encouraging itto create new interesting ideas. Not take creativity for granted, not everybody found it. 6-   ideascome in a streamThere are situations when you donot have any ideas for a long time.

 It happens and on the contrary, theycome one after another, only manage to fix it. In any case, it is necessary tobe able to correctly use the situation and make full use of the flood of ideasthat have been flooding.7-    Search everywhereThere is no specific place whereyou will be inlighten by ideas, you can grab it from anywhere. It can come whenyou in park, in toilet or anywhere.   

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