How Technology has changed World Culture

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Last updated: October 29, 2019

Name: Instructor: Course: Date: How Technology has changed World Culture Technology has evolved tremendously in the past few decades. It began with the development of the computer and more recently the internet. Manufacture of the computer has been named the greatest technological advancement in the 21st century. Computers have eased workloads in all sectors, in the business industry, healthcare and even for students. They have fast grown into a necessity for everyone. On the other hand, the internet has also substantially played a big role on the world.

Many aspects of our lives have been transformed by the emergence of the internet and the computer. Undoubtedly, technology especially the internet and the computer have changed the world culture that existed prior to their development. Several aspects of culture such as communication, business morality and social relationships have been affected dramatically by technology. Internet and computer usage are simultaneous because one cannot access the internet without a computer. In the case of communication, prior to the internet age as it is commonly referred to, people depended on sending letters and telephone calls. Costs associated with telephones for instance were high since it was the fastest way of communication then. Most people, therefore, relied on the affordable option that was letters. Purchasing stamps cost them a lot of money while the delivery of the letter took a long while, making the method unreliable.

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Technology and the internet have changed all this because it provides a faster, cheaper and more reliable method of communication, the electronic mail system (e-mail). E-mails require only a few minutes to reach their recipients, and it costs very little to send one. Initially, in the case of business, there was a manual filing system. It required a long time to find a document due to the large number of files that were present.

However, with the computers, they provide software that enable organizations to create a technological filing system. Such a system is more efficient and much more secure than the manual system. Finding of documents with such software takes a much shorter time than before. Social relationships have been improved by the internet. Emergence of social networking sites such as facebook and twitter are proof of this. Sites like this enable people to meet and make new friends, as well as, find old friends. They facilitate people to interact with their friends without the restrictions of distance. Social networking sites make use of the internet to exchange messages between two or more parties.

Politics and emerging issues are also addressed in these sites; they discuss such matters and air their opinions. Prominent politicians also have accounts in these sites as they provide a chance for them to interact with the citizens individually and get to know their opinions on various matters. Social networks are a key aspect of our lives, and they use the internet to send messages to and from their members. The greatest controversy that surrounds the internet is the issue of morality. Critics suggest that the immoral content in the internet should be cleared because it is affecting the ethics of the youth especially as they are the main users of the internet. Immoral content constitutes pornography.

It is readily available in the internet, and even underage children can access it. The free access has caused many problems as it affects the decency of the people. Several campaigns have been launched for this cause, but it is yet to take effect. Moral values in several places have reduced due to the freedom, and this is the greatest shortcoming of the internet.

However, the internet has brought about more good than harm to the world, and it is an important innovation.

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