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Which of the following is NOT true about grammar of literature? (remember story grammar, not regular sentence grammar)
It concerns rhetorical strategies such as structure and punctuation

What are the three items that separates the professional reader from the rest of the crowd?
Symbol, memory, pattern

Which of the following is NOT one of the five elements of a quest?
A reader, viewer, and/or audience

The real reason for a quest is always

Which of the following is NOT true about meal scenes in literature?
None of the above

The only reason to give a character a serious hang-up is to give him a chance to get over.

“He may fail, but he gets the chance” is
The code of the west

Vampirism is ACTUALLY about
Selfishness, exploitation, lack of respect of others, etc.

The ___ were masters of sublimation.
Victorian writers

A villanelle is a(n)
Structured poem

Which of the following is NOT true about the sonnet?
It has been written in ever era since the Middle Ages

Which of the following is NOT true about poetry?
While reading a poem, the place to stop is at the end of each line

The great literary critic the author Thomas Foster frequently refers to and who wrote extensively on archetypes is
Northrop Frye

Which of the following is NOT true about archetypes?
They usually exist at the high point or arch in the story arc

Intertextuality is
The dialogue between old texts and new texts, the on-going interaction between poems or stories (a and c)

Which of the following, according to Foster is the most important reason why Shakespeare is so popular and why writers turn to him?
Shakespeare’s work provides intertextuality

Prior to the middle of the twentieth century all writers were instructed in ___ and thus the mass allusions in literature to ___.

Religion…the Bible

More often than not, particularly if the borrowing feels different in tone and weight from the rest of the prose, the somewhere is ___.

The Bible

The biblical allusion in many modern and postmodern text are typically
“spot on” as the Brits say, used to illustrate a disparity or disruption

Which of the following is NOT true about the literary canon?
The American Academy of Literature sets the list of canonical texts

“Kiddie lit” is important because
Writers can use it for parallels, analogies, plot structures, references that most of his readers will know, fairy tales lack ambiguity and universal appeal, it can add irony when place in connection with out complicated and morally ambiguous world

The story of lost children became “all the rage” during the age of

The ability to explain ourselves to ourselves in ways that physics, philosophy, mathematics, and chemistry can’t is referred to as a

The four great struggles of the humans being, as seen in The Odyssey, The Iliad, The Aedeid, and all great works of literature are
The need to protect one’s family, the need to maintain one’s dignity, the determined to remain faithful and have hope, and the struggle to return home

Rain,nor setting in general, can be used which of the following in a story?
To create atmosphere and mood, as a plot device, as a symbol

A miasma, a mental and ethical physical barriers to suggest people can’t see clearly, to suggest that matters under consideration are murky

Writers who attempt to control ever facet of their creative output and who intend virtually every effect in their works are called

The way writers can keep their eye on the target and all at the same time bring in a great deal of at least tangentially related material is called
Lateral thinking

Which of the flowing is NOT true about violence
There are three categories of violence in lituerature

Which of the ways does NOT describe “narrative violence”?
The usual range of violent behavior, including shootings, stabbings, poisoning, etc

Which genre pd literature may contain the most violence but lack destiny and weight?

The main difference between symbolism and allegory is that
In allegory, things stand for other things on a one-for-one basis

According the Foster, symbolism can be objects and images but they can also be
Caves and rivers

Which of the following is NOT true about politics and literature
Charles Dickens caricatures the Malthusian thinking into his novel Oliver Twist

It is important for readers to have some knowledge of the Old and New Testament because
Biblical typology is a big extension of literature

Which of the following does the chapter “flights of fancy” NOT deal with?
The inaugural flight of the Boeing 787, know as the Dreamliner

The two main symbols that Foster, symbols can be objects and images but they can also be

During what time period did readers start to realize that sexuality may be encoded in their reading while writers were learning that they can encode sexuality into their writing?
The twentieth century – could technology have played a role in the shift?

According to Foster, disguised sexuality in literature is/was important because
Coded sex can work at multiple levels and sometimes be more intense than literal depiction

Oddly enough, many writers, including Virginia Woolf, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Theodore Roethke, and Hart Crane, have met their ends in

What two words are not good works in literary studies?
“Always” and “never”

Which of the following is NOT true about geography?
It refers the history, setting, places, humans inhabiting space and spaces that inhabit humans, nudge anything that place can forge in the people who live there

In literature, seasons are more than just time period on the calendar. They can be metaphors for
Age, happiness and dissatisfaction, passion and love, harvest and birth

What so the following characters have in common: Quasimodo, Frankenstin’s Monster, Harry Potter, Richard III, Baby Suggs, Oedipus
They all have some physical mark on them that sets them apart

What motif concerns the struggle, the quest, to restore fertility?
The wasteland motif

According to Foster, if a writer wants his or her audience to know something important about his or her character, he or she should
Introduce it early, before he or she needs it

According to a Foster, what does heart disease have in common with rain, water, a season, a meal, a sex scene, and the like?
They all used metaphorically; there’s always a double reason or meaning

Which is NOT characteristic of a prime literary disease?
It is a deadly disease

When Foster says “don’t read with your eyes” he means
To deconstruct or question nearly everything in the story or poem in order to demonstrate how the work is controlled and reduced by values and prejudice of its own

According to Foster, ___ trumps everything

Which of the following is NOT true about a “sign”
The thing that’s doing the signifying is the “signifier” and is fluid; the message, the thing being signified, is stable

Which of the following is NOT true about irony
The Greek character “alazan,” who seems subservient, ignorant, and weak, plays off a pompous, arrogant, clueless figure called the “eiron”

According to Foster, “education is mostly about institutions and getting tickets stamped; ___ is what we do for ourselves”

What two elements of a story or poem does an author choose carefully because they either indicated the theme of the story and/or gives hints and clues about personality and/or events that may happen?
Title and setting

Which of the following is NOT true about Foster’s basic premise for this book?
There is only one story

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