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Last updated: April 23, 2019
what are the five elements of a quest?

a quester2. a place to go3. a stated reason to go there4. challenges & trials along the way5. a real reason to go there

what is always the real reason for a quest?

what does characters eating/drinking together represent?

what do vampires represent?
– using other people to get what we want- placing our own desires above the needs of others- denying someone else’s right to live- selfishness

what shape is a sonnet poem?

how many lines does a sonnet poem have?

what are the two sections of a sonnet and how many lines does each have?
octave (8 lines) & sestet (6 lines)

how many syllables are there in each line of a sonnet poem?

is there a such thing as a completely original work of literature?

why do writers reference shakespeare?
to help readers better understand and connect with the story

what are some examples of qualities that christlike characters possess?
crucified, 12 disciples, in agony, came to save an unworthy world, etc.

why do authors write stories similar to fairy tales?
to help readers better understand and connect with the story

why do authors share knowledge of mythology in literature?
to add depth and meaning to what we read

what does rain represent?
new life/hope

what does fog represent?

what does spring represent?

what does summer represent?
adulthood, romance, passion, satisfaction

what does fall represent?
failing health, weakness, middle age, tiredness, harvest

what does winter represent?
old age, resentment, death

can readers decide the meaning of symbols?

what is something that many authors hide in their writing?
political statements

what does geography reveal about a book?
many aspects of a book, including theme, symbolism, plot, and characters

what does intertextuality mean?
anything you write is connected to other written things

what is an archetype?
a pattern in literature

what do physical flaws mean?
characters that are different on the outside are often different on the inside

when blindness is included in a story, what is nearly always also included?
symbolic blindness and sight (who can understand things and who can’t, who’s paying attention and who’s not)

what do heart conditions represent?
heartbreak, loneliness, cruelty, disloyalty, cowardice, lack of determination, love in an imperfect world, etc.

what is one way that readers can better understand and enjoy stories?
by trying to relate to characters and their time period

what is irony?
when something in literature doesn’t work the way we expect

true or false: irony trumps everything

what myth can the garden party be compared to?
the story of demeter and her daughter, persephone

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