How true is this statement with regards to events in America

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I think this statement is not true because all white people and black people were not treated equally. There are a lot of reasons why they are not treated equally: such as; black slaves were sold at auctions; black people were not allowed to go to white schools when they tried they were spit on and had eggs threw at them, this happened in the south of U.S.

A. The black and white people had different sections on the bus and blacks were also unable to vote. These are only a few of the reasons noted. All this had been happening for hundreds of year and was finaly stopped in 1954 when blacks were given their freedom.

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Father Josiah Henson, slave who escaped to freedom in Canada, told of the inhumanities he and his family faced at an auction. His brothers and sisters were sold to different owners; Isaac Riley of Montgomery County brought his mother. He was then offered to the buyers and his mother pleaded Riley to buy her last son so that she could be with him on the plantation, Isaac Riley ignored her pleas and attacked her with vicious kicks, until she was forced to crawl away from him.So as you can see from the statement that there were slaves being sold at an auction. That was not right if as the statement above says that all men are created equal. A whole family were sold to people and they would have to work as slaves when they were bought. This also meant they were never going to see their families ever again, if they protested to anything they would get beaten up and kicked away. It would be the white people of America that went to these auctions and brought these slaves and it was always the black people in America who were treated like this.

This also happened in places like schools.Following the supreme courts decision that all schools desegregate with deliberate speed was met with the opposition in the deep South. 1957 in Little Rock Arkansas nine Negro students were subjected to fear and harassment while trying to enter an all white school. One of the students Elizabeth Eckford told how she was spat on by a member of the public and consequently threatened by the National Guard who was there to protect her, they refused to let her into the school. President Eisenhower was then forced to send the United States Marines in to enforce the courts ruling and the safety of the nine Negro students.From this quote you can see the black students were not allowed to go to a white schools they had separate schools for whites and blacks.

The National Guard who was in charge at the school did not help the nine Negro students because he threatened them and he also let a lady spit on them. This is and has always been against the law because the guard is there to protect people and not to threaten them.Rights to vote:For a black man or women in the south, registering to vote was an act of great courage. Fannie Lou Hamer tried to register in order to become a first class citizen. As a result of this she was dismissed from her place of employment where she had worked for, for over twenty years. On her return from registering to vote she was arrested at Windona Mississippi and taken to a cell where under the supervision, of a highway patrol man.

Two Negro prisoners beat her with a black Jack. During this time she tried to protect her left side as she suffered from polio when she was a child.This quote shows this poor lady Fannie Lou Hamer was not able to vote because she was black. Again as you can see from this quote black people were not allowed to vote but the white people were allowed to. This has applied in many places where blacks and whites have not been treated equally like in schools and at auctions. This is unfair to all the black people, and they are the only ones being sent to prison. So as you can see from all the statements blacks have definitely not been treated the same as whites. All people should have been allowed to vote because it’s who you want to be President and it doesn’t matter if you are black or white you should be allowed.

Bus Boycott:Mrs Rosa parks actions started the bus boycott in December 1955, when she was asked to give up her seat in the black section of the bus, to allow a white man to sit down. She refused, and was then arrested and brought to trail on December the 5th 1955. As a result of this the black people of Montgomery refused to use public transport, this lasted for about a year, because of the economic efficiencies and the intervention of Martin Luther King, the government finally desegregated the transport system.This was another unfair event that happened in America with blacks and whites. The black lady Rosa Parks was treated unfairly as well as many others in America. She was told to get of her seat and let someone else sit there and rightly she said she would not move. What happened was they had two sections on the buses a white and a black section. Blacks were never allowed to sit in the white section of the bus but whites were allowed to sit in the other section of the bus if the white section was full.

But if both sections of the bus were full and a white person wanted to sit down, someone in the black section of the bus would have to get up and move. So as you can see so far it has not been equal rights at all, between blacks and whites. But this caused a lot of hassle because she would not move from her seat, and she was arrested and taken to court. The black people did not use the public transport after that incident for a year, until it was decided that the in the buses, blacks could sit were they wanted and whites could sit where they wanted.So to conclude the statement (“We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal: that there are endowed by their creator with certain and unalienable rights, and that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”) was not true because the blacks were not treated with any respect, where as the whites were.

All the facts I have written about blacks not being able to vote, and blacks not being able to go to the white schools, and they also had different sections on the bus.

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