How up the human analogy. The bonds that

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How the different chemicalbonds provide useful molecules? Being that ionic and covalent bonds are the twomost main forms of chemical bonds that are highly essential in building up thehuman analogy. The bonds that we all have in our bodies are useful in ways we maynot always understand. We recognize that our bodies are filled with neutronsand electrons and other bonds and that when these bonds form they make a biggerpicture. Both the strongest and the weakest bonds play vigorous roles in thechemistry of our cells in the body.

The covalent bods hold together and build, that’swhat makes up our DNA strands. But also, our weaker bonds which are ourhydrogen bonds hold together the two strands of the DNA of the double helix. Chemicalbonds hold everything together just like the hold our tables together and ourchairs and they can connect almost everything around us on an atomic level.

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Canone come to think that atoms are just floating around this very air we speak of?They have a purpose and they are always working. They are constantlyinteracting with each other, building and breaking and creating. Both thestrong bonds that hold molecules together and the weaker bonds that createtemporary connections are essential to the chemistry of our bodies, and to theexistence of life itself.

Why are chemical bonds being formed is what I foundmyself asking. Comes to find out they are constantly forming so that they canfind the lowest energy that they can be in.

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