How years. The outflow from Antarctica drives the

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How do allthings on earth connect? We have Antarctica ice for example, which plays avital role to life on earth. Why is this so? Well, let us start from how Antarcticacoldness affects the rest of the earth. The cold air from Antarctica and thewarm air from the tropics cause storms, polar jets. The winds of the polar jetsand the water from the circumpolar current meet it forms a barrier around Antarcticadepriving it from warmth.

This causes Antarctica to remain cold all year long.With it being cold all year long, the ice around Antarctica grows bigger thanall of Africa.      Furthermore, this ice formation has aintense affect on life across the planet. When the ocean surface freezes, youcould see the crystals start to grow at a microscopic level. As the crystalsbegin to bond, they expel salt into the water. The salt then forms brine, whichholds in the ice as it forms.

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Brine is much denser than regular seawatercausing it to sink downwards. When winters grip begins to tighten the formationof ice speeds up the spread. Then, large slicks start to appear on the surface.Later on, the slicks start to thicken into a solid mass.     Where does all this brine go? A satellitenamed Jason-3 mapped out the sea floor of Weddell Sea, tracking where all thebrine goes. As the brine descends into the ocean it eventually falls over thisprecipice. “One trillion tons of brine plunges down the Weddell Sea yearly.

“According to Earth from Space. The brine continues to spread out to the edge ofthe Antarctica continental shelf and then falls into the chasm. As the vast submarinewaterfall plumages downward, the brine falls slowly into the abyss. The brinewill not resurface for one hundred years.     The outflow from Antarctica drives thesalty water toward the equator along the sea floor. Which becomes part of a worldwidecirculation system stirring and cooling all of the world’s oceans.

During thejourney to the equator, the cold bottom current mixes with the fresher andwarmer water that slowly rises eventually joining the other oceans currents.This water then returns south, where it cools once more to return to Antarctica. 

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