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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Outline HR strategic planning process: Incorporates the right skills and strategies to attain the company’s objectives. Ensures each department consists of experts in their fields. The planning process has three stages a) Strategy formulation Involves analyzing external and internal factors and future HR requirements that may influence the plan Internal factors include the employees’ capabilities and performance External factors include opportunities and risks faced by the firm. Future requirements of the firm include identifying additional skills that employees ought to have in the future and indicating possible future challenges and solutions. Identifies gaps between current HR capabilities and company’s objectives b) Strategy implementation Hiring and firing of employees depending on their performance Maintaining harmonious relationship between all workers Incorporation of employees benefits and incentives Performance evaluation c) Strategy evaluation. Evaluation of company’s profitability Analysis of employees work quality Evaluation of the company’s profits and competitiveness 2.

Conclusion Plans in HR influence achievement of the company’s objectives HR entails all employees’ affairs HRM.1 The human resource strategic planning process is extremely crucial to the management of a commercial organization especially the human resource department. This process aids an organization to achieve its set objectives by ensuring each department in the company consists of experts in their fields.

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It involves incorporating the right skills and strategies to attain the company’s objectives. Moreover, this process ensures that all departments in the organization have employees with the required skills and capabilities depending on the company’s objectives. Consequently, this aids in placing the organization at a more competitive position. The three components of the human resource strategic planning process are each vital to the success of an organization. Firstly, proper formulation of the strategy is vital. This involves analyzing both the external and internal factors that will influence the strategic plan. It is crucial to evaluate the current ability of the human resource department in meeting the company’s objectives.

This includes the evaluation of the skills and capabilities of the employees in different departments of the business organization. Additionally, the performance of the employees requires assessment. Likewise, the external factors that have an influence on the plan need analysis. This includes the opportunities and risks that the company faces. Moreover, the future requirements of the human resources need analysis.

This should be in accordance to the objectives of the company. The human resource manager should identify the additional skills that the employees ought to have in the future in order to attain the company’s goals. Moreover, possible challenges that the human resource plan may face needs indication together with relevant solutions to the problems. Additionally, the human resource strategic plan should incorporate an evaluation of the gap between the company’s objectives and current human resource capabilities. This will aid in identifying the obstacles present on the path to attaining the organization’s set objectives. Moreover, it helps the human resource department in identifying the most efficient solutions to such problems. Secondly, proper implementation of the human resource strategy is crucial in attaining the company’s objectives. This could be in the form of hiring or sacking of employees.

Depending on the company’s goals, all employees in different departments need to have a high level of expertise in their field. Moreover, consistent analysis of the worker’s performance is an important aspect in the implementation of the strategic plan. This will ensure that all employees perform their duties diligently. Furthermore, the human resource department should maintain a healthy relationship between all levels of workers. This harmonious relationship will ensure all employees work together to achieve the set objectives. Likewise, integration of workers’ benefits and other sorts of incentives promotes the implementation process of the strategic plan in the human resource department. Such incentives motivate the workers to perfect their duties in various fields, in a business organization.

Consequently, the production and work quality in the organization increases. This results in the organization acquiring increased profits and escalating its competitiveness. Moreover, this results in an improved relationship between employees of all levels, in the business organization. As such, the implementation process of a human resource strategic plan needs to have the employees in mind. Additionally, the implemented strategic plan deserves constant evaluation. This is to identify any challenges in the implementation of the plan.

Assessment of the company’s productivity and profitability is critical. Certain measurable targets need analysis on a regular basis. This is to determine the success of the strategic plan in meeting the company’s objectives.

A proper human resource strategic plan should increase the Company’s production, quality of products, as well as profits. During the evaluation of the plan, a hitch in the process needs curbing by the use of relevant and workable solutions as stipulated in the plan. The human resource strategic planning process is crucial in providing the company with a competitive platform. The human resource department is a key sector in a business organization and plays an essential role in attaining the company’s objectives. Consequently, proper management of this department is crucial. The strategic plans set in a human resource department influence the performance of the company’s employees. These strategic plans elevate the workers’ performance. Moreover, the incorporation of workers benefits and other incentives into the plan motivates them to increase their productivity and quality of work.

As a result, the company becomes more competitive, hence increasing its profits. Conclusively, the human resource department must be efficient in order to ensure the company attains its objectives within the set time. This department entails all the employees’ affairs that are extremely crucial in the success of a company.

As such, the set plans should maintain proper employee relations while ensuring competence in their work. Moreover, this department ensures that other departments consist of workers who are skilled and ready to help the organization meet its set objectives. Furthermore, the strategic plan should use certain set strategies in case of any uncertainties.

The human resource strategic planning process involves formulation, implementation and evaluation of the plan. A model of the human resource strategic planning process:

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