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Last updated: October 31, 2019

Name: Tutor: Course: Date: HRM HR can be defined as the function of assisting organizations to achieve their goals through obtaining and maintenance of effective staff and workers. The basic function associated with practice of HR is Human Resource strategic planning process. It is concerned with incorporating the required skills with the right strategies, ensuring that all departments within an organization consist of people with the right expertise. It is composed of three stages, strategy formulation, implementation and evaluation. If I were to accept a position in the US, on boarding tasks that my new employers would need to consider can be, informing other workers that a new employee will be joining, provision of company information such as when to arrive, dress code, how to get to the company using different means of transport, detailed description of my tasks and functions, performance appraisal, induction on jobs and activities to expect in the first day.

Two of the most important in this list is description of my tasks and functions as well as performance appraisal. The company can take care of this by explaining the expectations concerning performance, reviewing the performance appraisal together as well as explaining the most important tasks that I will undertake. This can be done through a clearly planned induction. The civil rights Act of 1964 outlawed any discrimination against racial, national, ethnic, gender and minority in any way. It sought to provide equal opportunity for all. When it comes to performance appraisal, it requires that all employees should be evaluated fairly and none should be favored, discriminated, or denied certain benefits based on their race, gender, nationality and ethnicity. Furthermore, it should be based on merit where the strategy used for appraisal should be equal for all.

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The concept of bona fide law allows employee to consider some qualifications that are discriminative in nature if is deemed necessary for the work to be undertaken. This applies to hiring and pay allocation if it is necessary to have certain discriminative qualifications.

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