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Last updated: May 17, 2019
What are the main 2 purposes of tapers?
The main two purposes are to align machine parts and drive machinery.
What kind of taper is found in the headstock? tailstock?
Both the headstock and tailstock have a Morse taper.
What taper is used to align the chuck?
A D1 Taper
What is the taper of a milling machine? What is it’s purpose in the mill?
It’s an American standard milling machine taper. It is 3.5″ per foot taper. It is made to alling the cutter
What is the taper of a standard solid mandrel?
The taper of a Standard Solid Mandrel is 0.006″-0.

008″ taper per foot

What is the taper of a Taper Pin?
The taper of a Taper Pin is 1/4″ taper per foot
How are metric tapers expressed?
They are expressed as a taper ratio. i.e. 1:30
What does this taper ratio tell you? 1:10
The Taper Ratio 1:10 tells you that for every 10 mm the diameter will change 1mm
What are the two main types of tapers?
Self Releasing and Self Holding
What is the Taper of a Morse Taper? What is the purpose of this taper?
The Taper is 5/8″ taper per foot. It is a self holding taper for driving.
What type of taper holds a drill chuck to it’s shank?
A Jacobs Taper holds a drill chuck to the shank.

What is the difference between an included and centreline angle?
A included angle is the full angle of the part, a centreline angle is half of the included angle. (Taken from the centre)
What is the taper of taper gib-head keys?
The taper is 1/8″ taper per foot

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