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Last updated: April 28, 2019 Baff buy Gelli Baff Gelli Baff singapore Gelli Baff bath toys online Gelli Baff bath toys priceMake Bath Time Memorable with Gelli BaffToys play an important role during the growing years of one’s life.

Besides being objects of fun, they can be educative too. Be it cars, dolls or building blocks, toys not only help keep your child busy, but also help in development of their creative skills. In fact, in today’s date, parents prefer toys that help teach language, and enhance motor and social skills of their kids. This is why the toy market has grown in leaps and bounds in the last couple of years. Gelli Baff Singapore is one such brand that excels in bath toys for kids that are not only innovative but also extremely safe.

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The wide range of toys include Gelli Baff Gelli Snowball Battle Pack, Gelli Baff 1 Bath Pack: Blue Lagoon, Gelli Baff 1 Bath Pack: Princess Pink, Gelli Baff 1 Pack: Magic Swamp Green and many more. The snowball pack allows your kids to make their very own snowballs from plain powder. Just adding water transform this powder to realistic looking snow. The blue lagoon pack lets you convert water into a thick colorful goo and back again. This product helps make bath time extremely fun and playful.

It does not stain skin, carpets, clothes or bath tubs. All of these authentic and high-quality Gelli Bath toys are now available online on Lazada at an incredibly reasonable price.Buy Gelli Baff from LazadaTaking care of kids can be a daunting task for most parents. While feeding them is considered a ‘Herculean task’, their bath time is no less. With kids crying or just hating the touch of water on their skin can make bathing them extremely difficult. This is why Gelli Baff is here with its large collection of extremely innovative and unique set of bath toys that help ease the task for parents and make bath playful for the kids.

The collection includes different varieties like red lava blast pack, the crazy orange to bizarre green pack, the popcorn pack, the goo blue pack and a lot more. Manufactured in the UK, all these toys are 100% safe on skin, non-toxic and environment friendly. They drain away and dispose-off easily.

The entire range of Gelli Baff bath toys is available online on Lazada, the largest online store in the country, at an unbelievably affordable price. Lazada also offers free nationwide shipping and 14 days free returns on every order to make your shopping experience even more memorable.Why Choose Gelli Baff?• It is a popular brand of kids’ toys across the globe.• All toys are 100% safe for kids, non-toxic and environment friendly.• They are non-staining and can be either drained or disposed-off easily.• All products are priced within an affordable price range.

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