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Last updated: February 11, 2019 Munchkin Latch, buy Munchkin Latch, Munchkin Latch Singapore, Munchkin Latch Sterilizer Bags, Munchkin Latch BottleA super-easy lifestyle with Munchkin LatchThe major concern of working mothers is to keep their newborn healthy and safe. No one wants harsh chemicals anywhere near their babies or their feeding supplies. But the constraint is time and space for a traditional bottle steriliser which will ensure everything is squeaky clean. There are bottles, pacifiers and teethers, all of which come in direct contact with babies’ mouths.

Hence, we need a safe and easy method to remove up to 99.9% of bacteria on these objects, to ensure better health for your little ones. So, for all the parents out there, this brand is the best and safest solution to all your problems. From kid’s toys, clothes, feeding accessories, bathing accessories and cleaners, this company designs everything and is a-one hop solution to all your problems. It is the best baby lifestyle brand led by exceptional influencers and innovative initiatives. You can buy Munchkin Latch and various other accessories online at Lazada. The main vision and mission of this group is to develop exceptional quality products for kids to ensure their easy and healthy growth, along with giving them a motherly affection even when the mother is not around.

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 Munchkin Latch variants available online in SingaporeThe products from this brand focus on how to make life easier for parents without compromising on the health essentials and needs of the newborn. Munchkin Latch Sterilizer Bags have been awarded “Best of 2017” by BabyCenter. These are lightweight and compact, with heat-resistant handles so that you can easily carry them and use them while you are travelling. Its capacity is really satisfactory as it can sterilise a maximum of four bottles and two breast pump shields at one time. The bags are designed to work in all standard microwaves, and in order to prevent steam burns, they have an open-away latch. It also has a locking tab to prevent any accidental opening and ensures safety of materials inside. Munchkin Latch Bottle was awarded as winner in 2015 for American baby best bottle awards. The material used in their manufacturing is BPA-free An accordion style helps the latch to stretch like a breast, which helps in easy transition from breast to bottle.

It comes with an anti-colic valve and slow flow nipple to mimic the flow from mother’s breast. You can find these products online at Lazada which offers free nationwide shipping and free 14 days return policy on all products, to provide its customers with the best shopping experience.Why choose this brand?• Established in 1991 in California, it was granted its first 100 patents in 1995. This brand has come a long way.• The 27 years of its incredible experience are filled with a number of milestones and awards; now it has 182 patents.• It is an expert in baby lifestyle products with innovative, credible and modern designs.• It has presence across the globe with major offices in seven places.

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