it in any field. The company follows

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Last updated: September 15, 2019 used: SK Telecom, buy SK Telecom, SK Telecom singapore, SK Telecom Smart Bluetooth Speaker, Portable ProjectorStay ahead with SK TelecomThe company was established in year 1984, and has since been a part of the huge revolution brought about in telecom industry – it was the first ever company to launch CDMA in 2G, WCDMA in 3G and LTE-A in 4G throughout the world.

It is a South Korean company which boasts almost 50% market share in the country. The company has unparalleled expertise in telecom industry, and is presently working on 5G technology. They focus on technological innovation to bring the most advanced products in the industry, some of the products have consequently brought them huge popularity and consumer base. You can buy SK Telecom products on Lazada and experience speed as well advanced technology on offer at affordable prices. There are no limitations when it comes to research and developing technology – be it in any field. The company follows the same philosophy and believes in creating better and faster technology for the future.The company has a variety of products designed to bring smart technology to your home. The portable projector comes in compact cube shape and is very light weight, about 130 grams.

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The product became an instant success amongst its users. You can carry it with you anywhere as it easily fits in a handbag or even your pocket. It is compatible with a number of high end android smartphones so that you can enjoy your favorite movie on larger screen, even when outdoors. The running time of the projector is up to 2 hours non-stop with a charge of 4-5 hours. Because of its portable design, it requires no extra connectivity or particular placement.

It can be used to project videos on any flat surface. Place it on your desk, car or wherever you like, and enjoy the video. The projector auto senses the smart devices. It offers great picture quality with 40 ANSI Lumens brightness. It can also be used for various educational purposes for children.Get latest technology by SK Telecom in SingaporeThe company has always outperformed when it comes to technology of their gadgets.

The 1.8 inch smart beam cube projector is another product that offers portable and wireless smart screen. The high definition image quality ensures that you get to enjoy videos without any issues regarding color or contrast of the picture.

There is a 2 hour bolt-in battery and 1 Watt built in speaker to allow you to enjoy video with audio. There are volume adjusters and bluetooth that is compatible with most android smartphones. The projector comes with an HDMI cable that can be used to attach your projector with laptop or other computer systems. You can place your orders for these projectors, SK Telecom Smart Bluetooth Speakers etc., online on Lazada where you also get nationwide free shipping along with 14-days free returns on every order.Why choose SK Telecom? • High quality products with advanced technology • Expertise in telecom industry  • Portable and easy to use products

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