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HUM/130 Name: Course: Institution: Tutor: Date: HUM/130 Muhammad was born in the year 570, in the city of Mecca, in Southern Arabia. At the age of six, his parents died. He grew up in an Islamic surrounding where he was illiterate.

By the time, he was twenty-five years old, he had married a wealthy widow and therefore his financial position improved ever since. As Muhammad was approaching forty years old, he started becoming an extraordinary man. At that time, most of the Arabs were pagans and participated in worshiping many gods. During those times, there were a few Jews and Christians in Mecca. Like Jesus, Muhammad first observed that there is an omnipresent God, who rules the whole world. Nevertheless, some of the people considered Muhammad as a threat as he gradually gained converts.

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Due to this, Muhammad left Southern Arabia for a city named Medina where he had previously been presented a position of considerable power. Since he left some of his followers in Southern Arabia, and had converted some in the city of Medina, the number kept on increasing rapidly thus forming a new religion. Unlike Jesus, Muhammad was a sinner since he engaged himself in a number of battles and fought between the two cities during the 630 and emerged as the overall winner of Southern Arabia (Nagel, 2000). After the last battle between Mecca and Medina, Muhammad returned home in Southern Arabia as the conqueror where he ruled for two and one-half years. During this period, he watched the fast switch of the Arab tribes into the new religion. Muhammad remained the effective ruler of Southern Arabia then died in the Year 623. From this, Muhammad acknowledged himself as a mortal unlike Jesus who claimed to be God. Jesus was born in the year of Rome 754 in a small town called Bethlehem.

He was named Jesus, which means help of Jehovah. Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary of Judah who was the wife to Joseph, the successor of the house of David. The coming of the savior into the world was prophesied by the angel of message named Gabriel. The angel informed Mary that the child she was about to have will rule over the descendants and shall have control over the Israelites’ territories. On hearing this, the King at that time, Herod ordered the execution of all minor children below the age of two.

However, Joseph fled with his family to Egypt where they stayed there for a shorter period then went to a city called Nazareth. Like Muhammad, Jesus was interested about preaching the gospel to the people. At the age of twelve, Jesus stated making exceptional scenes by manifesting to people about God. For instance, he met with the preachers of the temple and gave them a sermon, which surprised them. At the age of thirty, Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist in river Jordan whereby after this, he continued spreading God’s word through preaching. Jesus was able to perform miracles such as healing the sick, rising of the dead, turning of water into wine among others.

This was an authority that Muhammad did not have. Jesus’ mission to fulfill God’s work was portrayed when he was condemned to death due to some people denying that he was the son of God and that he was a disturber of public peace. Due to this, he was crucified on Mount Calvary. Through his crucifixion, people are able to repent there sins with the hope of being re-united with God and his Son one day. After his resurrection, he gathered all his disciples and gave them the instructions to teach and spread the gospel of God to every population across the nation. The rising of Jesus was a power that Muhammad did not have. It is through this that the religion of Christianity is spread worldwide.

It also facilitates the increase of the religion in many parts of the world (Zanzig, 1999). Through his death, Prophet Muhammad facilitated the creation of a new religion referred to Islam. Like all faiths, Islam is of great influence upon the lives of its believers. Prophet Muhammad was also responsible for the holiness of Islam and its main ethical and moral principles. In addition, he is the author of the Islamic Holy Scriptures referred to as the Koran. The Koran holds a set of Muhammad’s insights, which he believes had been directly disclosed to him by Allah.

The death of Jesus Christ had a great influence on the Christian religion. For instance, it is through his death that one can be able to repent his or her sins. This death is also a symbol of forgiveness to every human being. Through his death, various scriptures have been formulated, which is a reflection of the life and death of Jesus and his purpose on preaching God’s word through the Bible. Through His death, we are assured that there is eternal life after death (Phipps, 1999). Unlike the Christians, the Islamic religion believes that prophet Muhammad was the last messenger of God. Muslims do follow the morals and principles that were applied by the prophet in their holy scriptures of the Koran. They respect the examples that were portrayed by Muhammad but they do not worship they prophet, rather worship and pray to their Almighty God, Allah.

In the Islamic religion, worshipping of any other person apart from Allah is considered as a sin and it cancels out their Islamic faith. Unlike the Muslims, the Christian religion worshiped Jesus in many ways. Nevertheless, according to the Christian faith, one is expected to worship Jesus in truth and in faith. For one to worship Jesus, he or she must be a believer and must accept that Jesus is the son of God. This is because it is believed that Jesus is the path to God.

Once a person has accepted Him, it is believed that he or she has believed in God. In the Islam religion, the holy message is carried out in the world today in various forms. The Muslims believe in preaching peace and tolerance to the world. They use their scripture to reach out for the ill-hearted and evil-minded persons to turn their ways and advocate peace and unity within the world. Through Muhammad’s teachings, many Arabs have been united under the religion of Islam. Normally, they organize for special fasting periods within the year in order to reflect back on Prophet Muhammad’s teachings and then meditate on their lives.

They also engage in multiple segments of teachings to ensure the word from the Holy Scriptures reaches every person around the nation and world at large. Muhammad taught the Muslims that they must be dependent upon the mercy of Allah for forgiveness. According to the Christian’s religion, it is believed that the word of Jesus is used to provide nourishment and inner peace to the life of a person. The message can be passed around the world in various aspects.

For instance, crusades organized by various preachers from different parts of the world ensure that the word of Jesus reaches different groups of people around the globe. Using the media such as television, articles and Bible discussions, Jesus’ teachings can be translated all over the world in form of preaching, testimonies, and review of scriptures among others. The teachings are also spread through various activities that were taught by Jesus during his mission on earth such as fasting, preaching the gospel using parables and performing various acts of kindness such as sharing of necessities. Just like the Islamic religion base their teaching on rules as well as submission, the Christian religion base their teachings on love and harmony.

In the Koran’s Holy Scriptures, Muhammad’s teachings were concerned on the forgiveness of Allah. However, Jesus’ message was based on the rule of the love of God to humankind in which he used various parables in order to spread his message. References Nagel, T. (2000). The history of Islamic theology from Muhammad to the present.

New York, NY: Markus Wiener Publishers. Phipps, W. (1999).

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(1999). Jesus of History, Christ of faith. Southampton, UK: Saint Mary’s Press Publishers.

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