HUM 3;4

The civilization of Minoan Crete:
enjoyed great prosperity due to extensive sea trade and commerce AND developed elaborate skills in art and architecture, visible in their great palaces

Homer’s Iliad points out the:
honor and courage of Greek aristocratic heroes in battle.

The development of the polis had a negative impact on Greek society by:
dividing Greece into fiercely competitive states.

Tyranny in the Greek polis arose as:
a reaction to aristocratic power and a widening gulf between the rich and the poor.

In Sparta:
life resembled that of a military camp.

The Athenian statesman who established the ten tribes and who weakened the aristocracy and increased the authority of the ordinary citizens was:

The poetry of Sappho reflected:
a woman’s homosexual and heterosexual feelings in a world dominated by males.

Which of the following phases best describes the Delian League?
an alliance of city-states led by Athens after the Persian War

During the Age of Pericles:
Athenians became deeply attached to their democratic system.

The Peloponnesian War resulted in:
the defeat of Athens and the collapse of its empire.

The Greek dramatist who was a realist and known for his portrayal of realistic characters in real life situations was:

Greek comedy was:
used to express political views as evidenced by Aristophanes.

The Greek Parthenon:
is considered the greatest example of classical Greek temple architecture.

Early Greek philosophy attempted to:
explain the universe on the basis of unifying principles.

The Sophists:
were professional teachers who seemingly questioned the traditional values of their societies.

Socrates was condemned to death for:
corrupting the youth of Athens.

“The unexamined life is not worth living” is a cornerstone of the philosophy of:

The Republic depicted:
Plato’s idea of the ideal government and society.

Which of the following was not true of Greek religion?
Myths served no particular social function.

Which of the following phrases best describes the social situation of most Greek women?
Women were kept under strict control, cut off from formal education, and were always assigned a male guardian.

All of the following were conquered by Alexander except:

The Greek god of healing, thought responsible for miraculous cures in the Hellenistic period, was:

An especially important cultural center with the largest library in ancient times was:

Which of the following statements is untrue concerning Hellenistic culture?
Artists remained social outcasts, and were rarely patronized by the rich

The theatrical center of the Hellenistic world and home of New Comedy was:

Hellenistic sculpture:
was more emotional and realistic than classical Greek sculpture.

The philosophical school that stressed happiness through freeing oneself from a political life was:

maintained that people could gain inner peace by seeking virtue and living according to nature.

In the Hellenistic era, medicine:
progressed due to the use of dissection and vivisection.

The mystery cults and religions of the Hellenistic world:
helped pave the way for the success of Christianity.

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