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Last updated: April 29, 2019
What is the term for the way people live in a complex political, economic and social structure?

What is depicted in the cave painting of the Paleolithic period?

What was the Neolithic Revolution?
when hunters and gatherers became farmers & herders

What are the 2 geographical areas where civilizations first arose in the Near East?
Mesopotamia & Egypt

What is the Fertile Crescent?
an arc of land containing some of the most arable soil in the Near East, heavily traveled trade routes, & most of the early centers of civilization

Who was known as the Babylonian lawgiver?

What vocation dominated the economy of Mesopotamia?

What bearing did flooding have on Mesopotamian religious beliefs?
flooding that was not regular caused people to think that gods were unpredictable

Characterize Mesopotamian views of the deities (gods).
the gods had created humans to serve them, Gods were in complete control, powerless mortals had no choice but to obey and worship these deities

The power of the gods over mortals is a prominent theme of what epic story?
The Epic of Gilgamesh

Who was the earliest known female literary figure?

Briefly characterize the Babylonian law code?
justice, retaliation, “an eye for an eye”

What was the basic type of construction for buildings in Mesopotamia?
post-and-lintel construction

What is the name for the typical religious building in Mesopotamia? For what purpose?
Ziggurat; pyramid that served as the center of worship

Isolated by deserts, which early civilization was influenced very little by neighboring cultures?

Which pharaoh brought about the Amarna revolution?

What is the most famous work of ancient Egyptian literature?
The Story of Sinuhe

What Egyptian architectural form seemed to embody a constant and eternal order?

Describe the basic elements of classical Egyptian style of sculpture.
left leg slightly forward; hands clenched at sides; rigid pose; serene unemotional look

What was Egypt’s outstanding contribution in relief sculpture?
invention of cannon proportions for depicting human figure

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