Topic: ArtPhotography
Sample donated:
Last updated: April 22, 2019
How does Beijing’s Olympic Stadium – the Bird’s Nest – qualify as “green architecture”?
Translucent roof provides passive ventilation

How is deconstruction, the act of analyzing a text to see what has been omitted or overlooked integral to postmodernism?
Expose the possibilities of meaning

What is a key question for grasping meaning in Gerhard Richter’s photographic paintings?
Why he selected a particular photograph

In literature, how does the postmodern hero differ from his or her predecessors?
Accepts that the search for meaning is never-ending

What does David P. Bradley expose in his painting Indian County Today?
Commercialization of Native American tradition

Why do the Islamic women portrayed in Shirin Neshta’s series of photographs Women of Allah wear the black chador?
Prevent them from becoming sexual objects

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