Human Geography

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Last updated: November 1, 2019

Illegal immigration Major problems of illegal immigration began in the last half of 20th Century. In 1875, the Federal Government formulated laws to forbid illegal immigration. As the years have passed, USA has been reducing the quota for immigrants every year. It has been observed that legal immigration has led to illegal immigration. For instance, in 1928 the Mexicans immigrated to USA about sixty seven thousand.

Employers wanted them for their cheap labor, and the government had not restricted their immigration. After immigration rules were implemented, the number of illegal Mexicans became more than that of the legal immigrants (LeMay 12). All business entities should submit employees’ records to the government. This is another possible way of arresting illegal immigrants.

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Areas, which should be given close attention, are those close to the Mexican border (LeMay, 152). They are most affected by the large number of illegal immigrants from Mexico. Statistics show employers highly employ illegal immigrants. Searching employees’ records can assist in identifying illegal immigrants. Employers should be discouraged from hiring illegal employees. Those jobs should be given to the legal employees. The problem of illegal immigration is affecting USA economically, socially and politically.

The government should pay more attention to this problem since the figure of illegal immigrants is alarming. Controlling the rate of illegal entrants will assist in solving problems of employment. The taxpayers’ burden will be less, and welfare will be enhanced. Competition of public resources will reduce as well as crime and other immoral cultures brought by illegal immigrants (Swain, 150).

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