Human life

All Christians believe that nothing in our experience has the same value as human life.

The birth of a child brings great delight, just as the death of someone we love brings great suffering and sadness. In the face of death life becomes very precious. But in spite of all this care for life, violence threatens on all sides. Every age throws up evidence of a gross disrespect for life.

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Our age is no different. Christians believe that we all, no matter who we are and regardless of religion or race, have the right to decide what we want when it comes to our life.However, when it comes to ending a life in ways such as abortion and euthanasia, nearly all Christians completely disagree. We believe that it is completely wrong to end a life through abortion, mainly because it is a life and not a worthless object.

Many non Christians would say that a baby isn’t really a life because it has not yet been born into the world, and that it is still a part of its mother’s body, but we Christians believe that life has begun at the moment of conception, and this baby is a life in its own before it is even born.This is why abortion is seen as being so wrong because it is ending the innocent life of the unborn baby that has just as many rights as any other human being. Many see many reasons why an abortion should be allowed in certain circumstances however; such as the mother being too young to cope, or the risk of the child being born with a disability, but reasons like these do not merit a murder; because abortion basically is murder in a way.

Christians also hold extremely strong views on euthanasia also, but many would argue that they feel a lot more strongly about abortion. In a situation where someone is asking for assistance to end their life because they are suffering, the Christian church believes that this is completely wrong but many people argue against this view. Many see it as being acceptable because a person shouldn’t have to suffer badly at the end of their life, and everyone deserves the right to die peacefully and with dignity.Euthanasia is often called mercy killing.

It means to kill someone painlessly to relieve suffering especially from an incurable illness. Roman Catholics are the most strongly opposed to euthanasia. They believe that anything which intentionally causes death is ‘a grave violation of the law of God’. However, many Christians suggest that the easing of suffering is a way of demonstrating Christian compassion, and that the use of extraordinary treatment (eg. Life support machines) to keep a person alive is not always the best approach.Most Anglican denominations agree that terrible distress should not be suffered at all costs, and that death may be considered a blessing. They argue that the quality of life must also be considered.

Also, most local churches also have links with hospices. A hospice is a place where terminally ill people can be cared for, and can discuss any fears they may have about death, so mercy killings may not always be the most attractive prospect. Whatever the case nobody has the right to decide who lives and who doesn’t, and we as Christians should be aware of this.

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