Human Relations and Development

Human relations and development Name: Course: Institution: Instructor: Date: Human relations and development Soft skills are the abilities individuals possess in managing themselves, interacting and communicating with others and their personality traits composition. These attributes enhance an individual’s performance at work and their relationship with fellow colleagues and clients (

In addition, it affects how they approach and solve a problem or a conflict when it arises. An example of a soft skill is emotion management, which is the ability to control different and sudden emotions like frustration, anger and annoyance and keeping calm. On the other hand, hard skills are skills acquired through training in a school or an institution (, 2011). They are specific, tangible and measurable abilities. They equip an individual with the technical know how in their career and are standard. An example of a hard skill is a lawyer.

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For an individual to be a lawyer, they must know what the law states, the regulations, rules and procedures of the court and the nature of the case. This means a criminal case, divorce case and all of these are taught at the university. Technology is in every field in today’s world, from engineering, machinery and medicine research. People need soft skills to deal with the problems and challenges rising from the current technology filled environment. People know so much on technology and heavily depend on it because it makes life easier and enjoyable.

On the other hand, it has its challenges which each individual should know how to manage through their soft skills. The internet contains vast information and poses a challenge to the parents, who do not want their children to be exposed to damaging content and hence must know how to manage this challenge. The other reason why people need soft skills is to market the high tech products that they manufacture. In addition, they need these soft skills to deal with the queries that customers have. When a product is released to the market, its reception varies, some customers are happy with it while others are angry due to different reasons. The manufacturers must be able to deal, manage and solve all the problems arising from this (Tony, 2008).

Another reason for people to have soft skills is to enable them entice and represent their brilliant ideas to people. For without proper soft skills in communication, a person cannot represent their idea. References (2011). Hard Skills vs.

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