Human Relations and Development

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Last updated: November 2, 2019

Human Relations and Development Name: Course: Institution Lecturer: Date: Human Relations and Development The company believes in empowering its employees so that they are able to handle any customer complaints and questions. The company believes that the customer service desk associates are an integral part of maintaining and sustaining customer satisfaction. This policy is meant to empower associates, by giving them the necessary authority to deal with the customer complaints. Associates should respond to the customers’ complaints immediately. They should strive to respond to the customer, and to ensure that they have handled the customers’ complaint in a satisfactory manner (Cook, 2011) The company shall provide a daily reserve, either in cash or in kind, which the associate shall use as a means of handling the customer’s complaint, and guaranteeing the customers’ satisfaction (CSSP, 2007). The company has set a limit of $2000 dollars, and a replacement equal to the value of the item in question, which the associate can use. When responding to the customers’ complaints, the associate shall not spend more than the value of the customer’s item.

Associates shall act to their discretion when deciding how best they will respond to the customers’ complaints or any other problems that they might have. They do not have to go through different chains of command in order to deal with a simple problem. Associates shall handle all the problems they can, and they shall only go through other authorities, when they perceive that the problem is too big for them to handle The associate shall use all the available means to settle customer complaints. Associates are free to use the company’s resources such as various contact channels to check all the customer’s complaints.

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Associates shall respond to these complaints and reassure the customers, while at the same time working in the best interests of the customers The company recognizes the influence that social media has to businesses. Associates in the company can use blogs to write about various company initiatives. The blogs can act as a forum for customers to raise their concerns. Associates shall use this forum to address various customer problems.

The associates shall however not result to use the blogs to advance selfish interests, or to reflect the company in a negative way (Brown, 2011). References: Brown, E. (2011). Empowering your employees may solve your content problems.

Retrieved from Cook, S. (2011). Customer care excellence: How to create an effective customer focus. United Kingdom: Kogan Page Publishers CSSP (2007). Customer satisfaction: Improving quality and access to services and supports in vulnerable neighborhoods.

Center for the Study of Social Policy. Retrieved from

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