Human Relations and Development

Human Relations and Development Name: Course: Institution: Tutor: Date: Human Relations and Development Sexual harassment, especially at the workplace, has been known to have a negative impact on both the employees and the whole organization (Reece, 2011). According to table 8.

1, sexual harassment affects every aspect of the work. When there is sexual harassment at the workplace, the level of coworker satisfaction is decreased. Since the workers are dissatisfied, they do not put their best efforts at work thus decreasing the supervisor satisfaction.

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They no longer look forward to working thus reducing the work satisfaction. All these have a direct effect on the global business thus reducing the global job satisfaction. Consequently, there is an increase in job withdrawal, work withdrawal and a decrease in workgroup productivity. The workers’ health is also not spared. Sexual harassment causes a decrease in the workers’ mental and physical health with a subsequent increase in post-traumatic stress (Lesikar, 2010). Incorporating a sexual harassment policy will minimize, if not eliminate, the number of sexual harassment cases that are encountered in a given period.

Such a policy should include the protection of every person working under the umbrella of this organization. This includes workers, supervisors and managers at all levels. Such an assurance enables the workers to work in confidence and without fear (Reece, 2011). The policy should also state the various consequences of the different types of sexual harassment. Serious action should be taken in order to convince the workers that it is not only a book-written policy, but it is there to be implemented. The policy should include the length within which one is supposed to report a sexual harassment case and the consequences of failing to report the case in time.

Those to be reported to when such incidences take place will also be listed down. This will also include the listing down of those people who cannot be reported to. Such stipulations will allow both the workers and the concerned management to follow the right procedures when handling sexual harassment cases (Reece, 2011). With the introduction of such a policy, the organization will be affected in a positive way. As a result, the global business will also improve. Anything that affects the workers directly affects the organization.

References Lesikar, R. V. (2010). Business Communication: Making Connections in a Digital World. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Education Reece, B. L. (2011).

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