I and or video recordings. I waive the

I hereby grant “Happy
Little Toes Learning Center” or its authorized personnel an irrevocable
right and permission to take and use photographs and/or video recordings of my
child (Name of child mentioned below) in publications, educational materials, on
their website and other websites, promotional flyers, derivative works, and
other electronic
communications or for any other similar purpose. I authorize the use of
these without any compensation.


I understand and agree that such photographs and/or
video recordings of my child may be placed on the Internet.   I
agree that my child’s name and identity: may be revealed in descriptive text or
commentary in connection with the photographs and or video recordings. I waive
the right to approve the final product and I agree that all such portraits,
pictures, photographs, video and audio recordings, and any reproductions
thereof, shall remain the property of the “Happy
Little Toes Learning Center”.

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Name of Child: ____________________________________




I have read and understood this document.  I understand and agree that it is binding on
me, my child (named above), our heirs, assigns and personal
representatives.  I acknowledge that I am
eighteen (18) years old or more and that I am the parent of the child named



_________: Yes, I give consent.



_________: No, I don’t authorize.





_______________                                                                                          ___________________

Signature of Parent                                                                                          Date




Printed Name of Parent: ____________________________________


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