I artist ‘Kim Whan Ki’ steadily keep drawing and

I went to an exhibition called ‘GALLERY HYUNDAI’. At the time, there was an exhibition of artist ‘Kim Hwan Ki’, which is my favorite artist. While I was watching is beautiful artwork, one artwork caught my eye.

It is artwork called ‘Hundred Thousand Dot’. We can say that this drawing is one of the spot-painting abstraction that represents this artist and made him famous by an abstract artist. The medium of the artwork is painting using acrylic. Dimension is 2 dimension. This drawing was drawn in 1973, which is a very meaningful year for Korean. ‘Vietnam War’ was happening during this year, even though Korea was having a hard time because of the war, artist ‘Kim Whan Ki’ steadily keep drawing and expressed his world by painting. This exhibition The artwork was pretty huge it was longer than my height. I can see that only color that was used for this artwork is blue, but after I looked at it closely I noticed that it was a black dot on the blue background.

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The blue background has the all different tone of the blue. Some part of the background was deep blue, sky blue, and Iris. Even though it has only blue color, I thought the painting was very colorful. The large size of the painting made me feel that I am actually seeing the sky, it was very wide and long. The another unique think about this artwork is he drew a type of a shape with the white line.

Each area of the shape has the slightly different tone of the blue. The top part was dark blue but middle was colored in bright blue. What I can notice about this painting is, as you can see we can see many dots in the painting, just like the title ‘Hundred Thousand Dots’.

It’s very amazing that the space between dots is very constant. We can think about how much did the artist concentrated and made effort to this artwork. After I read the description of the drawing, I was surprised that the number of the dot is exactly hundred thousand. I can see how much effort he made in the drawing to fit exactly hundred thousand dots. This painting is very abstractive. This artist is my favorite and he influenced my perspective on my art. ‘Hundred Thousand Dot’.

This artwork seems very simple with a line, color, and side, but it actually shows very arduous and thorny skill to draw this drawing. We can see that he had spent a long time on the blue background. All kinds of blue are mixed and blended, which created the beauteous color of the background. This kind of drawing very simple but it had a deep feeling.

I have never drawn abstract art before. It was hard for me to approach to abstract art, because I didn’t know what and how to draw things that you can’t see with your eye. After I saw this artwork, I think I understanded more about the concept of abstract drawing.

I learned that abstract painting is just drawing a ‘thing’ that can express your feeling. I could see this example in this artwork. I was really curious about the white line of the artwork, and wanted to know the meaning of the line. I considered the white lines as part of the ‘art’ itself.

Art is a thing that you can see in everyday life. Instead of the skills from his artwork, I could approach closer to the understanding of an art. The most important thing that creates art is line, side, points, and color. He drew a line that connects the point, and the color. That combination created a pattern which is ‘tessellation’, and we can say that this art is tessellation art made with simple dots. But the special thing about this artwork is, it has multiple directions of tessellation.

Most of the tessellation artwork has the same pattern and shows the same direction but multiple directions of the pattern make artwork more be alive.  It was very impressing, and these idiosyncratic style of the artwork is what makes this art very beautiful and graceful.

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