“I Birthdays and anniverseries Simple tasks such as

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“I wear a ring on my index finger that says, “Accept.” I look at it often. Every change in her upsets me.

I have to always let it go. I would rather die now than to ever go through this disease. The fear is large.

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The answers are few.”Dear Reader,The above words are from a real person named, Sherry. She was visiting her mother one night, and found her sitting alone in the dark.

And she hadn’t eaten nor fed the dog in many days. After noticing these changes in her, Sherry took her mother to the doctor.Sherry decided to take care of her mother, but overtime was unable to. Sherry’s mother now lives in an assisted-living facility. And seems happy around her new friends but doesn’t know who her own daughter Sherry is.I don’t mean to scare you. But think about it. One day you may forget.

..Your grandkids’ games and recitalsBe fired from your job because you forgot how to do itBirthdays and anniverseriesSimple tasks such as reading, writing, pouring a glass of water, or wiping after you go to the bathroomYour own namePeople you loveImagine being given pills. And then awakening in a room packed with people, furniture and decorations that you’re certain you’ve never seen before. You may be given some alone time but most of the time, there’s people.Some of these people may be slightly familiar to you. But others (and most), you’re positive you’ve never met.

They talk to you as if they’re your son, daughter or grandchildren. And maybe they are.But they’re strangers. You have no idea who they are.They tell you they love you and that everything is going to be okay. And why wouldn’t they? Afterall, they’re your kids and grandkids.But they’re strangers to you now.

You have no idea who they are.Once all the strangers leave, you’re left all alone, wondering what just happened. And it only gets worst.An estimated 5.4 million Americans have this disease, which is expected to grow to 13.8 million by 2050It is the 6th leading cause of death in the U.

SIn the U.S., someone is diagnosed with this disease every 33 secondsBetween 2000 and 2013, deaths by stroke, heart disease and prostate cancer decreased 23%, 14% and 11%, while death by this disease increased by 71%.It kills more than breast and prostate cancer combined.The cost of this disease may place a substantial financial burden on families, who often have to cut back on buying food and on their retirement savings.

There’s a protein in your body called Amyloid. And Amyloid plaques are a sticky build-up that gather outside your neurons (or brain cells). Amyloids in your brain divide improperly and create what’s called beta-amyloids. These are toxic to your brain cells.And another protein called Tau, detaches from a cell part that it’s suppose to stabilize and attaches to other Tau proteins, making tangles. You know when cable wires get tangled up? Imagine that going on in your brain.But these tangles are far worst. They destroy important cell transport systems, making it difficult for your neurons to communicate with one another, which is why you may find it difficult to do things you once found easy.

And neuron communication plays a major role in your body’s overall function.Evenually, your brain cells die out and thus, your brain (as seen above). It’s one of the aging-associated diseases.But There Is Hope(And It’s Not Pills Or A Surgery)What If There Was A Cure For Alzheimer’s Disease And Know One Knew? is an article written by Marry T. Newport, M.D. In it, she talks about her husband’s experiences with it and her personal research into a dietary supplement that may benefit people with neurodegenerative diseases.

She wrote, “It has been nearly eight years since Steve improved with this oil. He improved very significantly … I have recieved over 400 testimonials and the vast majority has reported improvements in cognitive function and overall quality of life.”Within days of adding coconut oil to her diet, her thoughts improved.

She went from not knowing she was in a car to being critical of my driving again.” Marie”Our family is now campaigning for a full medical trial into the benefits of coconut oil.”Kal, who is in the process of making a movie about his father’s recovery from Alzheimer’s says, “We’re certain this has helped my dad, so I know it can help others.

” Rashi(Refering to Dr. Newport’s book) “She put him on coconut oil and MCT oil. He now drives his own car. He’s working. He’s cognizant.” RobertsRoberts says, “Elizabeth gets her dosage of oils spread on toast, under jam. She’s 75% better.

“”I am overjoyed that so many people benefited from this food-base intervention as my late husband Steve!” Says Dr. Newport.In her article, using the Alzheimer’s Clock Test, she gave an example of what coconut oil did for her husband in less than 2 months.

She later went on to publish The Coconut Oil and Low-Carbohydrate Solution for Alzheimer’s , Parkinsons and Other Diesease, which is a guide to using coconut and MCT oil, while lowering carbs in your diet to increase ketones – molecules that provide fluid for the brain.The testimonials that Dr. Newport recieved have led to grants that funded further studies on coconut oil.A study conducted at the University Hospital of Murcia, Spain took 44 Alzheimer’s patients, and monitored them for 21 days. Half were given 40 mL of coconut oil a day. Half (20 mL) during breakfast.

And 20 more mL during other meals.The other half of patients were given no coconut oil. But both groups were tested in different areas of the mind such as memory loss and language-building, to determine any changes before and after the oil was given.Afterwards, the patients who were given coconut oil, had cognition that showed significant improvement especially orientation and language-building.In another study Alzheimer’s dementia patients were given the same amount of 40 mL a day of extra virgin coconut oil. And they too showed a significant improvement in cognitive status. The benefits of coconut oil for such brain issues as memory loss, cerebrum aging and depression, come from the medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) and lauric acid.

While your brain cells aren’t getting the glucose they need, coconut oil avoids glucose metabolism to give energy specifically to the nerons that need it.Lauric acid disrupts bacteria, fungus and viruses thus destroys them.MCT (as such studies mentioned above) have shown to increase blood levels of ketones, supplying energy to the brain cells of Alzheimer’s patients which prevents the cells from dying out.Mom With End-stage Alzheimer’s Gets Better After 1 Week of Starting Coconut Oil”I found the coconut oil fairly easily and started using it instead butter, grease or other oils in all my food preperations. In one week, I have noticed a remarkable improvement in my mother.

She is holding clear conversations and is showing cognitive reasoning that I have not seen in her in 3 years!”In some of the latest Alzheimer’s news published in the New England Journal of Medicine, antibodies newly developed were shown ineffective in channging the fall of cognitive reasoning in Alzheimer’s patients. And two more trials have failed. So, big Pharma is working on something that uses coconut oil.But why wait if you don’t have to? Plus, you know that when (and if) it does come out soon, it will a lot more expensive because it comes from a pharmacuetical company.But this isn’t even the very latest (and perhaps, not the most intresting) health news.

Want to know why millions of Americans are dropping dead, despite already passing heart tests?A hard-to-pronounce antioxidant that’s closely related to Resveratrol, but is 300% more effective in fighting aging?How to detect and fight off cancer 19 months before your doctor even knows you’re sick?Nature’s memory miracle?The real reason cancer kills (which is not what you think)?Prostate relief that’ll have you not urinate as much and climax at full surge?And much more?See, it’s not so much “what your doctor doesn’t want you to know.”Your doctor has access to the same information but because of lack of time and pressure from the FDA, he/she either just doesn’t know about them or doesn’t talk to you about it.The Institute of Natural Healing believes everybody should be free to make their own decisions regarding their health, instead of only being given pills, surgeries and chemo.

Which do work (when necessary). They’re not always the best options.And we really shouldn’t have to pay thousands of dollars, go through the tricky maze of insurance (worrying about whether it covers this and that), or become victims of those big pharmaceutical companies, just to receive care.We’re getting olderAnd we don’t just want to live longerWe also don’t want to have to rely on our kids, or even doctors.And we really don’t have toAnd if we can avoid tedious pills and surgery, why not?By not having access to such information given above, you could be missing out on life-changing and saving knowledge.

Since our doctors may be unable to convey to us such information personally, they’ve revealed it in some publications targeting baby boomers. We want to give you 3 free reports.But first, let’s talk a little about these issues, beginning with heart disease…

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