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Last updated: February 25, 2019

I feel that the six week training program helped me mentally and physically to improve. They help me improve physically as i kept training out of school as well to really keep my fitness up to improve my fitness and my 3 main goals.  My 3 main goals were to Become heavier by losing fat and gaining muscle mass, i feel that i have gained muscle while losing fat but not to the extent I wanted, I will keep training even though this six weeks training is over to try and complete my goal.

I also wanted to improve my Muscular strength, and wanted to be able to lift heavier and heavier weights every week and to keep a record of how many i can do to prove to myself that i can do it. One of my other main goals of this program was to have a stronger Core and arms, I wanted to be able to do lift significantly higher weights than i could before this training.How it went?I feel that the six week training program went very well and helped me to become fitter and i proved to myself that i could do it. Most weeks went perfect and I managed to increase the size of the weights and the reps week by week and did not reach my max. I feel that this has motivated me to not only be more active bu also concentrate more, in this training i have started running and regularly going to the gym as it’s good to see how your body can change when you do the right things and look after it.

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Did you enjoy it?I did enjoy it and i felt that it helped me prove to myself I could do it and I could keep up with the increase of weights. It was good for me as it really opened my eyes to the different things you can do do improve your body and keep training fresh as we were doing different things every week. My favorite exercise was the boxing as i watch a lot of it and feel like as a teenage boy it appeals to my interests. I also think it greatly helps that i was doing it with my friends while as i not only get fit but it was also a good laugh and we motivate each other to keep gong and the rivals of who could lift more(safely) also helped motivate me and others to keep going.Will you continue your training? Yes, I hope to continue going to the gym at least 3 times a week and go for runs 4 times, i will keep recording progress and keep implementing progressive overload so i can keep improving my muscular endurance, muscular strength and cardio when I go for runs. I will time all my runs to see how i improve each day.Has it changed your thoughts on exercise? Yes definitely-  before this training i thought of working out as a chore and too much work for the rewards, now I realise working out can be fun and almost a hobby, I started to look forward to my runs as it is good to get out and the pleasure you get after you finish a hard workout is hard to beat.

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