I doing Level 3 BTEC Business and my predicted

I have always been interested in how businesses are managedwhich is why I want to pursue a course in Business Management. My enthusiasmfor business and finding out how they run originated when I visited my uncle’srestaurant at a young age and learned how much work and effort goes intorunning a business. I was particularly interested in the financial side ofrunning the business such as how they could control costs without affectingsales and how a company might accurately predict their revenue.

For my GCSEs I achieved 10 A*-C grades, this included Maths (A),English Language (B) and Business Studies (C). I believe these grades aresuitable as I want to pursue a course in Business Management as I feel thatMaths, English and Business Studies are very important if I want to do well andstart with a good understanding in the course. I also have always enjoyed Mathsand Business Studies as I feel that it has challenged me in ways that areenjoyable but require effort for example these subjects often included problem solvingwhich I felt was challenging but satisfying to solve.I am currently doing Level 3 BTEC Business and my predictedgrades are D*D*D. This has helped me get a better understanding of howbusinesses are managed and also strengthened my interests in how businesses arerun.

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For example, I have a better understanding of how different businessesreach their target audience and about how they might motivate their employeesto improve efficiency. An example is companies like Apple provide monetary rewards,such as a bonus, to help motivate their staff members. Furthermore, fromstudying Level 3 BTEC Business I have learnt basic skills in both Economics andICT which I believe are very transferable skills that are useful across manyfields of work, including business management and accounting. I believe thatall of these skills will help me in a Business and Management course.During my first year doing BTEC Business I was given a one-weekwork experience placement in a recruitment company called PinPoint Partners. Myrole included helping the administrator with any tasks that they were set suchas overseeing projects, managing groups and helping plan new projects. Thisplacement gave me a first-hand insight of how businesses operate and how youare expected to act in a professional workplace. I was working in groups forthe majority of the time which helped me improve my ability to work in a team.

Italso helped improve my leadership skills as I was able to see what effectiveteam leaders were doing in their groups.I have a passion for playing and watching football. Playingfootball regularly has helped me improve my leadership skills as there aretimes when I have had to captain the team. It has also made me a moredetermined person who works well in teams of different sizes and it has taughtme how I can raise team morale to help achieve an objective. I can play as agoalkeeper, defender or a midfielder which shows that I am a versatile personwhich I believe will help me in a business as I will be able to adapt todifferent roles that I have been assigned. I believe these skills are highlytransferable and can help in a business environment.

In summary I believe I am well suited to a degree in BusinessManagement as I have a variety of skills that are needed for success inbusiness environments such as versatility. In the future I hope to have a jobin accounting or in finance which I believe can be achieved through a degree inBusiness Management.

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