I game someday. My pursuit of learning programming

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Last updated: June 11, 2019

I want to jointhe center for information technology because I’m planning to major in computerscience along with a major in astrophysics, my main focus is on astrophysics, Iam fascinated with space. I intend to pursue a career in astrophysics research,I aspire to be an astrophysicist I see the specialty center as the pinnacle ofeducation. Because the academics are top-notch and the courses soundfascinating it provides me the confidence of knowing that I would be gettingthe most forward-focused education in computer science.

Taking courses incomputer science will improve my critical as well as my analytical skills.Furthermore, the skills developed apply directly to astrophysical research.computational astrophysics now have many research groups specially devoted tothem.   I am passionateabout computer science, I love writing software, I like doing things what NASAis doing, I also deem that I have a strong suit when it comes to coding sincemy mother is an IT engineer.

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My father is a computer programmer who is teachingme how to be one myself. My interest in computers started at the age of sevenwhen I used to play video games. As time progressed, I became more interestedin the graphics and the technical aspects of the game; eventually, I dreamt ofmaking my own game someday. My pursuit of learning programming languagesstarted in 6th grade, ever since, I have enhanced my programming skillsindependently by going to codecademy to learn HTML5 also I use an app on myphone called Enki to learn other programming languages in my free time.            Gettinga good high school education will improve my chances of being able to go tocollege I would be on the pathway to reaching my goals from the resources Iwould get and the education I would receive.

In retrospect, computer sciencewas a natural career choice for me. I believe hard work, discipline as well asdedication will get you what you want. 

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