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I have been asked to write a case study on Kim Noel Kardashian also know as Kim Kardashian West. Kim is a 37 year old woman, born 21st October 1980 in Beverly Hills, California, she has been involved in reality tv since she was young, in 2007,and appears on ‘Keeping up with the Kardashian’s’ nearly every show. The Kardashian at this point is a mother of two, both children birthed via a surrogate. Kim has been through her own personal relationship break downs and her own problems with her self esteem.Life stage 1 – Early childhood (2-8 years old)Physical development According to Kim she had a fairly normal childhood, she lived with her mum Kris Jenner and dad Robert Kardashian, she attended church on Sundays as a regular part of her family life.

In pre-school Kim was in the same class as Paris Hilton. Throughout her childhood she was surrounded by Hollywood celebrities and always dreamed of becoming famous. After the age of 5 Kim would have developed every day physical skills, like washing, dressing and eating.Intellectual development In Kim’s childhood I expect that between 0-3 years old she could imitate others and would try out new ways of behaving in play. Throughout her early childhood she will have developed her fine and gross motor skills to become more independent.

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Social development In early childhood, children learn to become more friendly and share around 3-4 years old. Kim will have built personal relationships with her family members including her mum, dad and younger siblings. Kim was around 4 years of age when her younger sister was bornEmotional development I would believe that when Kim was 3-4 she would have become more self motivated and independent. Kim would of been observant to her siblings emotions too.Life stage 2 – Adolescent Physical development Between 12-19 girls bodies become more curvier and their hips become wider. As Kim would have started puberty she would of also started her menstrual cycle.Intellectual development Growing up, Kim was obsessed with everything girly and then went a beauty school at age 14.

She attended Marymount High school, an all girls private school. When going through school Kim would have developed her writing, speaking and logical thinking.Social development Emotional development In 1989, Kim’s mum and dad divorced. Kim was only 9 and might of experienced loneliness and loss of security.

Around the time of the divorcee Kim might of felt pressured to fit in with her peer groups. The effects of puberty would have made Kim feel self-conscious, moody and maybe even aggressive.

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