I having grasped its theory will become useful

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Last updated: August 14, 2019

I have chosen to study mathematics and economics at degree level as it will demand my ability to use a range of methods, including correlations and regressions, to analyse and interpret statistical data for both hypothetical and real world situations.I gain satisfaction from problem solving, which involves the application of complex formulas and the understanding of intricate mathematics to arrive at a solution. Furthermore, the methodologies used have helped develop my logical and analytical mind frame, and have provided me with the skill set to evaluate and work through difficult concepts.

I specifically enjoyed my statistics module, and having grasped its theory will become useful as I further my studies into mathematics and economics at university. Economics at A level was a new area of study for me. I was intrigued by macroeconomics as it provided me with an insight into how our modern global economy and financial system operate. I especially found our study into financial markets gripping, as it appealed to my mathematical potential to analyse and interpret data to discover profitable trading opportunities. My interest in this area spurred me to open a practice trading account on Trading212, where I began researching and developing trade ideas in order to grow a diversified investment portfolio.

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The plethora of career opportunities within economics and finance has been the motivation behind my course choice for further study at degree level. I regularly follow global and financial news and watch shows on RT, including Boom Bust and Keiser Report. I read Zero Hedge extensively, a website dedicated to independent thought, so I always have other viewpoints on reports in the mainstream media. In the current era of societal discontent towards mainstream news, I think it’s important to seek truth and evade false narratives and political propaganda, and attempt to establish a non biased viewpoint on past and present global events. For a four month period during 2016 I volunteered to participate in The Heritage Project, which involved the research into the Jewish community residing in Germany, Poland and France during the Second World War.

I experienced the privilege of interviewing three Holocaust victims, who each shared their journey of living through one of the most saddening and grievous periods of human history.

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