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I came up with my science fair project because my sister brought home a project for us to do.  We don’t have much dairy milk in the house because my other sister is allergic so we had to use Almond milk.  The instructions said shake the bag for 15 minutes, with the Almond milk it took much longer before it finished.  So when it was time to pick our idea for the Science fair, i knew just what i was going to pick. So thanks to my little sister i have just the thing i would like to do.

 I will be comparing two different types of ICe Cream.  Unsweetened Almond milk and Whole fat dairy milk are the types of milk i will be using, well i guess you probably know since i did already say Almond milk and Dairy milk.  I plan on timing each project to find out the time of each project.

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 I am going to have to make a line graph to represent each category and how much time it took each time.  In order to find just about the accurate time of each category i am going to have to test it several times. To be more specific i am going to test the Almond project 10 times and the Dairy project 10 times.

 President Ronald Reagan made a national icecream day in 1984.  Next the late president made every third sunday of the month would be a national ice cream day.  That decree was soon demolished by the next president.

 From the website www.dogonews.com I got some really interesting facts that you may not even know exist.  Vanilla ice cream was the choice of deserts for the first meal served.The name ‘ice cream’ was coined from the phrase ‘iced cream’ by American colonist in 1776.Americans are the biggest consumers of ice cream, the biggest consumers are children from the age 2-12 and adults over 45.A cookbook penned in 1790 had recipes for parmesan, ginger, and even brown bread flavored ice creamThe world’s biggest ice cream cone was 13 ft highWith each gallon of ice cream requiring 12 lbs of milk, the most important ingredient is air, without it it would not be able to form.If you are one of the people who like sharing your ice cream with your pet, you are not alone there are ice cream lovers who do it all over the entire world.

Of course no ice cream is perfect without a old fashion waffle cone, most people think the waffle cone was a mistake that was accidentally invented in 1904 at the World Fair in St. Louis by an ice cream stand that ran out of bowls and decided to team up with the waffle stand to keep the production and business together, however the truth is that waffle cones were made by the New York ice cream vendor to deter people from taking his ice cream glasses home.And finally, it apparently takes an average amount of 50 licks to complete 1 scoop of ice cream.      Now I have some more yummy facts from the website https://kidskonnect.comThe first frozen dessert is credited to an Emperor of Nero of Rome.  It was a mixture of snow, nectar, fruit pulp, and honey.The ice cream cone inventions is said to have begun at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis.

 An ice cream vendor there reportedly didn’t have enough dishes to keep of with the ice cream and ice cream orders.  So they ended teaming up with the waffle vender there for making the very first waffle cone, but soon that was proven wrong.  Later they found that a prince of egypt was the actual creator of the ice cream cone.In 1843, New England housewife Nancy Johnson invented the hand-cranked ice cream churn.  Soon after that she started a business, she became very wealthy after that and she went down in ice cream history.The united states consumes more a yearly average of 24 gallons of ice cream, ice milk, sherbert, a day!The united states consumes more ice cream than any other country with New Zealand and denmark coming in second and third.Each American consumes a yearly average of 23.

2 quarts of ice cream.Vanilla seems to be the most famous dessert, chocolate comes second, strawberry comes third, and butter pecan comes last in fourth place.More ice cream i sold on sunday than any other day of the week.

98% of american households buy ice cream.ICe cream is a frozen dessert made from dairy or other milk like substances.Before the development of freezers or the modern day refrigerator, ice cream was a luxury reserved for special occasions.I have many more facts i would absolutely love to share, but instead i would like to share some things that you need to watch out for while making ice cream.  Down below i will have a list of common ingredients and toppings for ice cream. Also I will put some allergies and what you can use for it instead.

Dairy, Dairy is the most common milk ingredient to making ice creamIf you are allergic to dairy you can always try using Almond or Soy milkPeanuts are normally used for toppingsIf not allergic use Almond or WalnutsM and Ms Use skittlesReeses cupsUse Oreos StrawberriesTry raspberries or other way aroundAnd those were  just some fun toppings:)https://medium.com/@AyurvedaPalms/almond-milk-vs-cow-milk-vs-soy-milk-vs-rice-milk-a-quick-pro-con-list-of-these-different-milks-6589c232e479 Depending on the person, each kind of milk has some type of effect on them weather it is good or bad. You may already know this, but Whole milk are from cows, the milk that you get from the store more than likely is from a dairy farm. Whole milk contains 88% water,  in each cup there is 8g of fat.  And out of the whole gallon it is only 8.

5% solids that are nonfat.Per cup Whole milk has 150 calories, skim milk has 80 calories, 1% milk has 110 calories. Lactose free milk is always pressed to break down the minerals in the milk. Lactose free milk has calcium, protein, and other healthy ingredients.

 Almond milk is made from well almonds, if there is no sugar, it doesn’t have very many calories. Almond milk is different from almonds, Almond milk does not have as much protein as the almonds alone.  You can get almond milk from your local Walmart or food market.

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