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Last updated: July 22, 2019

I am considering the Power Economics research for various reasons. Since I was in second year sophomore, I have been fascinated by the research reports and article from magazines me. When I read a report on EV charging station from “Navigant Research”, the economic efforts of the charging the EV interested me and I knew that I wanted to do something related to the Power. While at the time I had no idea about the impact of assessments, having read much about frameworks, I realized the economic approaches are being made by pushing through old paradigms and taking new frameworks to the same old problem.

The days of my undergraduate help me to get firm grasps over the underlying principles of the subjects like Power system analysis, operation & control, Utilization, Power Electronics and equipped with necessary prerequisites for a formal graduate course. At the same time, I am exploring the fields of distributed energy and storage, Power economics because of the Transmission, generation, Utilization courses I completed in under graduation. The demand response and the valuable economic information that I acquired from the classes transformed me into an individual who follows the Bloomberg markets daily. I also had the opportunity to go to both the Thermal Power Plant at NLC, India and the Gas Power Plant on industrial visit trips during my college years. On these trips I had the opportunity to observe the technical progress of Economic power dispatch on the floors of both plants, take part in learning activities, and listen to insights of engineers about the live operational procedures. I also attend meetings and actively participate in EESAT groups at TRP Eng.

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College. This groups allow me to learn even more information on technical glitches, along with allowing me to acquire new skills from various Industries, local Distribution divisions and terminology relating to the circuits. I also became a member of a crew, specifically asked to assist junior fellows to influence solutions for the exploration in various fields of Power to their future careers.

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