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Last updated: December 24, 2019

I have this talent, if you can even call it that. I never learned to do it, I was never trained, I just woke up one day and had this weird ability to see people’s auras.

It took me a while to understand what it actually meant but I get it now. Wherever I go and whoever I see I can tell when they’re going to die. An aura is like a halo that surrounds a person’s body that glows a certain colour. If their aura is green it means they have years still to live- they will probably just die of old age, if an aura is orange it means they have a few months, a year at most to live and a glowing red aura means the person is going to die that day-this is usually murders and accidental deaths. I’m only in High School so almost everyone I see has an aura glowing green like a stick of kryptonite. Walking through the crowded halls is like trying to wade my way through long grass because it’s just a sea of green. There’s so many people it’s hard to even see the posters stuck on the wall telling me about cheerleading try-outs or trying to convince me to audition for the school’s version of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Everyone is rushing trying to get to their lockers and to get to class on time and I almost always get caught up in the middle trying to go to the opposite direction so I can get to my locker before class and still get there early enough.

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 Today was one of those days I just couldn’t squeeze through quick enough and ended up further back than I started before I finally managed to start making progress toward my locker. It’s just really not my day today, first I missed the bus and then it started to pour on my way to school, there has been so many signs that I should’ve listened to telling me to just stay home. Why didn’t I listen? I walked in to my first class, Chemistry with Dr Ritchie. His classroom is set out in ordered rows of single desks. The only posters on the walls are the Periodic Table and another that has the times for his study support class. He refuses to put up any of the posters given to him by the school, they go straight in the recycling bin.

 There is absolutely no talking allowed in his class. I always get there early so I can watch as everyone else files in just before the second bell not wanting to be away from their friends for longer than they have to be but also not wanting to be late and get yelled at. I noticed Dr Ritchie wasn’t sitting at his desk like he normally is and there was no coffee or PowerPoint on the smartboard. Where was he? Had he finally taken a sick day? I got my hopes up that he wasn’t in. As I was caught up in my thoughts I realised that the first bell was about to go for class meaning everyone had two minutes to get to their classes.

 This means the sea of green will come barging in and ruin the peace and quiet I’d been enjoying. It will be even louder today as people start to speculate about where Dr Ritchie might be or what happened to him. Had his classes finally pushed him over the edge, not that he needed a very hard push. I swear he was already teetering there when he first started teaching here. He hates everything here from the actual building to every single person in the school, teachers and pupils included. The bell rang and the first person walked in and the one and only thing I noticed is that their aura was glowing red, I had never seen an aura glow so vividly, it was almost pulsing. I had to look away because I don’t like telling people if their aura is red and my face always gives it away when something is wrong.  I can’t hide anything.

It may seem horrible to not tell people but I tried it once and it doesn’t tend to go down well when you tell someone they’re going to die at some point in the next 24 hours. No one ever believes me when I tell them I can see auras, they just look at me like I’m crazy and then swiftly change the topic.  I just looked all around the room pretending to focus on different things to avoid meeting his gaze. What I didn’t notice while doing this though is that the next few people who walked into the class had the same pulsing red aura. What was going to happen to them? Will they get into a car wreck on the way home or will it be something else? When the second bell went and every pupil was finally in the room, I looked around at all my classmates and that’s when I saw it. Rather than the sea of green I expected what I saw looked like a pool of molten red-hot lava.

Every pupil I could see had a bright red aura. That’s when I noticed in my peripheral vision a slight rose tint in the window next to my seat meaning my aura was shining the same red as every other person’s in the class. What was going to happen to us? Why were all our auras this colour? I started to panic in the back corner trying not to make it obvious as to not alert anyone else but all that was going through my mind was all the different ways this day could pan out for us. Was it going to happen in class?  I knew I was going to get an answer to my question when the door handle started to turn and everyone went silent, my classmates solely because they thought it was Dr Ritchie but I knew it could be the end. However, when the door opened I stopped panicking a little bit because my classmates were right and it was only our teacher, turns out he was here.

The calm didn’t last long though when I noticed that Dr John’s aura shone bright green like my classmates’ auras used to. He stood out like a beacon of hope in a sea of danger but his glowing green aura meant that he wasn’t going to be affected by whatever was going to kill all of us, was he the culprit? I realised it was definitely the end when he turned around and locked the door and reached a hand into the right pocket of his trousers. As it turns out we really had pushed him right over the edge.


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