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Last updated: February 14, 2019

I am writing to inform you of my interest in the Master of Engineering Electrical Engineering at University of Saskatchewan. I have submitted my application with applicable documentation. I currently hold my Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Electrical Engineering from Abasyn University Peshawar (AUP), having 3.

02 CGPA.My interest for Electrical Engineering emerged from a quickly request of electrical vitality since most recent couple of years. Huge quantities of energy ventures are currently in advance to beat the setback of power in this way resulting in increased demand of power engineers.My academic background in Electrical Engineering coupled with my innate interest to explore the nuances of the industry. I have been always fascinated by power, energy and its transmission.

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“Electrical Power” is basic as it drives the life of individuals around the globe. It has reformed our lives and working. Being from the underdeveloped country I can value the outrageous significance of electrical power in everyday life.My undergraduate education at Abasyn University Peshawar, Pakistan has presented me to an extensive variety of incredible courses in Energy Engineering and has helped me consolidate my understanding of power systems and power electronics.I have acquainted myself with courses like Electrical Power and Energy Systems. I have also taken various subjects like Electrical Machines, Electronic Circuits, Power Electronics, Digital Signal Processing, Power Generation, Power Distributions & Utilization etc. In my final year, I took up a project which is “The Design and Implementation of a low-cost Turbidity Monitoring System”, which works on the phenomena of light emitting and absorbing. In addition to these, I had the chance to take a shot at a few labs explores that have helped me take in the viable and hypothetical parts of Power systems.

The courses of Power Systems taught me various characteristics of power systems like properties and representations of transmission lines, Load flow studies, corona discharge, fault studies. I was really fascinated by the subject and its importance. The laboratories like “Power systems laboratory” and “High voltage laboratory” in which experiments on relays and corona discharge etc were done. It helped me in appreciating the practical importance of the subject.

My eagerness to expand the sphere of knowledge in this field motivated me to present seminars on “High Voltage Transmission System (HVDC)” and “Relays and its operational characteristics”.Currently, I am working as an internee in Tarbela Dam, Topi Road, Pakistan. There I have the opportunity to study more closely all these machines and instruments like Turbine, Generator, Excitation Transformer, Auxiliary Transformers, CTs, PTs, Relays, Thyristors, etc.I am confident that Masters in Power systems, offered by Saskatchewan University would significantly affect my professional life.

I think my decision to conduct my graduate studies from this University would meet my long-term career objectives. I am confident that my skill sets, motivation for research and hard-working nature would add to the excellence of your program. I will in return, gain the ideal opportunity to pursue my dream of becoming a Professional Engineer.I would be much obliged if I could be considered for any kind of financial assistance or scholarship which would help me greatly in the completion of the higher education degree.

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