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Last updated: September 27, 2019

I amhereby applying for a Master’s Degree program in Global innovation Management,Master of Science (Economics and Business Administration) at University ofTurku stating on autumn 2018. In 24 February 2014, I completed my BBA (Bachelorof Business Administration) from East West University.FromChildhood, I had to travel different places due to my father’s posting in Job. Therewas a weekly market just beside our residence. When I was a child, I used tovisit there. I find people who are selling and buying things made or cultivatedby them. They came to the market, sold their product and buy their weeklynecessities.

It make me very interested about this process though I didn’t haveany idea of marketing or economics at that age. I have completed my BBA majorin Marketing; and after being an adult, when I am working as a sales Manager inRobi Axiata Limited, I can realize the value of understanding that process. AsI said before, I used to travel from childhood which made me interested to gooutside, meet with different people and places, and know their culture. I findall these options in Turku School of Economics which let me innovate newproducts for the future market being in a complete different geography. And thelocation of this university is very beautiful with all the necessity goods nearby.

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I have completed my BBA,major in Marketing from East West University in Bangladesh. After completion ofBBA I was interested to do Masters. But after the completion I got a Job veryquickly and took some time to know the real corporate world in a MNC (MultiNational Company). Now I would like to do my Masters in next session so that Ican complete my education and make me competent for the future battle withenriched ideas.My father is a Government service Holder and he will retire very soon.After his retirement he will get around 40 thousand euro which will be a fixedasset for our future. We have land costs 50 thousand euro in Bangladesh.

I usedto earn 600 euro per month from my job and I am doing this for last three andhalf years, so I deposited some money in my account as well in last couple ofyears. And we are getting money from our family business. So we are quietsolvent to manage the finance my education in Turku School of Economics,University of Turku.I aminterested to study in Global innovation Management, Master of Science (Economicsand Business Administration) at University of Turku. As I said before, I amworking as a Sales Manager in Robi Axiata Limited which give me the opportunityto work in market operation.

I am deriving the business of a particular area,meeting the retailers and customers, and by knowing their demands try to serve themaccordingly. Before working in sales, I worked in Trade as a Trade marketingspecialist and executive respectively in Robi Axiata Limited and Search litcommunication limited. So I got some opportunity to work in market with TP (Tradepromotion) and CP (consumer Promotion) and design some POSM (Point Of SellingMaterials) in some urban and rural market as a requirement of my job. I run ateam of field force, who directly serve the market and being a leader of theteam I assured job satisfaction among them. Though I am very target orientedand try to be focused in what I am doing. So I think this is a perfect programfor me to study.

I like to think that I have strong inclination anddetermination to pursue my higher studies at an international environment. Ihave the required aptitude, exposure and motivation to make a positivecontribution to my chosen field. If given a chance to accomplish bachelorstudies in this prestigious institution, I will make the best out of theopportunity. 

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