I my sketching and drawing abilities by using

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Last updated: July 17, 2019

I want to study Architecture. A decision developed from previous experiences that mostly revolved around my studies in GCSE. To further my interest, I took A-levels and Higher Education required for my chosen future subject. I love abstract art because of its complex shapes and form. My majority of projects revolved around this category such as building models of houses and skyscrapers, and artworks drawn on large, but different materials of papers. I have a passion for creating, making and solving problems, both technically and logically. This helps me overcome barriers that stop my creative intent make it to reality.

I strongly believe that I have commitments to change people’s lives, by finding better ways to how they interact with their environments. For instance, merging ancient and modern architecture. Thereby adapting them with the current and upcoming technological advancements in this 4th industrial revolution.

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During my school years, I took art related subjects that will, in the future, help me to partake in the creative industry. I studied Art and Design (fine art) in GCSE and A-level. I enjoyed art because it opened up opportunities that helped me work on my sketching and drawing abilities by using various materials. Most of my years in A-level art consists of pieces on the topic, landscape architecture. For my final exam, I chose to create an industrial landscape abstract art to enforce the feeling of being at an industrial landscape by visualising it in perspective. Art is advantageous, not only to sketch or come up with creative designs but also to be able to illustrate history through the works of building constructions.

Moreover, exploring Design and technology (product design), I found it beneficial to Computer Aided Design software facilities for my projects. Completed two designs which were docking station for laptops and a Bluetooth wooden speaker. I studied general mathematics, which is essential for architecture. I did not want to stop on GCSE Math. Therefore, I moved forward into studying Pure Mathematics (further) in A-level.

Mathematics is a language in my opinion. I prefer to work out complex dimensions, solve problems and be able to use sophisticated math solutions to implement visionary idealistic building to the real world. Furthermore, I am taking in HND computing and system development. It may not have the amount of benefits my main A-levels have, but it increased my communication and management skills which led me to be able to work with groups effectively with a growth mindset. For architecture, it will help me communicate with clients effectively and formally, additionally manage documents.In my personal time, I sketch ideas that could potentially be more than ideas, in the future. Currently, I’m working on a design signifying my country, which is currently politically imbalanced because of certain disagreements between our cultural tribe.

The design will then be displayed at an event taking place in London by our Ethiopian community that promotes my proposal or idea to companies in Ethiopia. My first language is Amharic, English being second. Although it came less of an issue for me, and was able to communicate efficiently over time. I also volunteer in helping my curriculum leaders and staff with digital media work.

I’ve been asked to display a video recently that encourages students to critically think for themselves because, nowadays most of them lack the ability to do so. I am interested in reading non-fiction books that consist of biography, international politics and physiology.I am looking forward to contributing in a course I desire to study. After receiving all RIBA certificates and become an architect, I aspire to be helpful in assisting third world countries across the world by applying my architectural knowledge, help increase they’re economic growth and change the world for the better good.

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