I oneself. In my mind, Patriotism means love,

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Last updated: July 13, 2019

I deduce Patriotism is a special word that could not be forgotten.

For example, Patriotism is more of a feeling than something you’ve heard of or read about. Patriotism is immersed in one’s life because of it practically building your life and makes the path of your lifestyle from the paths in the past. Patriotism must engulf your whole life being in order for the word to have a meaning to oneself. In my mind, Patriotism means love, loyalty, and gratifications. Therefore, they are three powerful reasons that can be backed up with multiple definitions, and meanings to each of ourselves.

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A famous quote, “Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it.” by Mark Twain. Patriots are those specific people that need more gratitude than most others. Also, they have more love for their country, than most people do. Love is soldiers risking their lives for the society and the countries freedom. As well as, having a fair share in fights with communication or in the war, between important people or not so important people. Love is a big word with many different meanings between different people.

Patriots bring the best out of love and make a big effort into bringing the world together to love again. Loyalty is the definition of Patriots; taking pride in their nation. However,  it means their loyalty is to sacrifice life and speak against their government. Their lives are on the risk, for strangers they may have never met before, schools and jobs, and freedom.

They are loyal to their side of the fight and do not trade things with the other enemies unless told to. They keep the United States of America, in line as well as defending the bad from the good.Patriots and soldiers, show us how to be loyal and how to be good people.    Patriotism takes gratitude in their nation. All of America should fly our colors that represent our freedom, history, our pride, and our unity. Many of Americans do not agree with the government or even their friends, but a simple of encouraging and persuading, and they’ll fly their colors high taking pride in their nation. Soldiers have brought us pride through our freedom, and happiness.

Yes, wars do not end well at the present time, but in the future, it’ll mean more than people think.It brought us opportunities and those opportunities are because there are brave soldiers, taking pride in their nation, and are fighting for their country.      Patriotism, a word with a meaning that does not shock the world, but brings us to peace. Love, loyalty, and gratification makeup patriotism. There are many powerful reasons behind those meanings as I already stated, but many different people to take it differently. Patriotism is what makes up our life, from the pasts paths, or from the presents predictions. Our great country brings the people together to have a grand meaning that is worth something.

This quote, means a lot, to the thankful people, ” It is not happy people who are thankful, it is thankful people who are happy.” Sadly I did not find who made that, but it has much inspiration to the one’s struggle to be thankful.

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